Priyanka backs Shah Rukh in Wankhede brawl

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Priyanka Chopra has maintained a dignified silence ever since the news of her alleged affair with Shah Rukh Khan had started doing the rounds. The pretty actress who has always been quite open about her fondness for King Khan was lashed out at and completely ostracised by Khan’s extended friend circle post the news.

While Priyanka kept mum on the entire issue, her friends went all out and defended the actress. What followed was a much public outburst from filmmaker Karan Johar who lashed out at Priyanka and her friends for dragging him in the entire matter. Karan vowed not to work with Priyanka ever in his films and even excluded her from his big birthday bash. Priyanka never issued any clarification or statement on the matter.

But when a channel approached her to comment on the recent brawl that SRK and MCA officials were involved in, Piggy Chops defended her old friend and said, “As a parent, I wouldn’t do anything less.”

Shah Rukh had got into a scuffle with guards and MCA officials at Wankhede stadium recently over the issue of mishandling of his children. While MCA accused SRK of misbehaving, SRK said he reacted in such a manner as his children were being manhandled by the guards of the stadium.

While the actor was banned for 5 years from entering the stadium, the film industry backed SRK wholeheartedly and said he did what any parent would do.

And now, Priyanka has also lent her support to good friend SRK. Wonder what Mrs. Khan has to say about this!