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Bigg Boss 11 grand finale: Shilpa Shinde lifts the trophy—As it happened

Shilpa Shinde lifted the coveted winner's trophy. 

By Zee Media Bureau | Last Updated: Sunday, January 14, 2018 - 23:52
Image Courtesy: Twitter/Bigg Boss

New Delhi: Bigg Boss season 11 has been one of the most entertaining seasons in the history of the show. Be it Shilpa and Vikas' tiff, Hina and Priyank's bitter-sweet friendship, Puneesh and Bandgi's blossoming love or the endless arguments of the house, we have been entertained a lot in the past months.

The finale of Bigg Boss 11 began with Salman giving a rocking performance with the inmates and ended with Shilpa Shinde lifting the coveted winner's trophy. 

Check out the finale's live updates here, as they happened:

14 January 2018, 23:44 PM

A lot of people had predicted this earlier and at last, Shilpa Shinde becomes the winner of Bigg Boss season 11! 

14 January 2018, 23:39 PM

Salman Khan says goodbye to the audience and says that the show will return with season 12 next year!

14 January 2018, 23:38 PM

The winner of Bigg Boss season 11 is Shilpa Shinde!

14 January 2018, 23:25 PM

The name of the winner will be announced soon! 

14 January 2018, 23:19 PM

Voting lines are now closed. Salman welcomes Hina and Shilpa as they join him on stage. 

14 January 2018, 23:18 PM

Shilpa and Hina turn the lights off and exit the Bigg Boss house!

14 January 2018, 23:16 PM

Both Hina and Shilpa get emotional as Bigg Boss talks about their journey inside the house.

14 January 2018, 23:14 PM

Bigg Boss addresses the top two finalists of the season. 

14 January 2018, 23:10 PM

Hina, Luv and Priyank set the stage on fire with their dance performance. 

14 January 2018, 23:08 PM

Vikas joins Akshay and Salman on stage. Vikas says that he feels Shilpa will win the show. 

14 January 2018, 23:07 PM

Voting lines open for 10 minutes so that Shilpa and Hina fans have a chance to vote for their favourite contestants. 

14 January 2018, 23:06 PM

Shilpa and Hina thank the audience for making them the top two contestants for this season. 

14 January 2018, 23:05 PM

Vikas Gupta gets eliminated! It is Hina VS Shilpa for the win.

14 January 2018, 22:48 PM

Akshay enters the house to eliminate one more contestant! 

14 January 2018, 22:45 PM

It's time for 'Naagin' Shilpa and 'Sapera' Vikas' entertaining performance! Look like only yesterday when these two entered the house together. 

14 January 2018, 22:44 PM

Akshay Kumar shows how sanitary pads are made using the machine. He says that if we want our nation to be strong, the women must be empowered. 

14 January 2018, 22:39 PM

Akshay Kumar tells about the man on whom the film Padman is based. 

14 January 2018, 22:39 PM

Former contestant Sapna shakes a leg with Akshay and Salman on the title track of Mujhse Shaadi Karogi.

14 January 2018, 22:35 PM

Dhinchak Pooja sings her new song, yet again. Akshay congratulates her on her performance. 

14 January 2018, 22:34 PM

Akshay Kumar rides scooter with Dhinchak Pooja and Salman Khan.

14 January 2018, 22:29 PM

Welcome, Akshay Kumar! He enters while riding a cycle.

14 January 2018, 22:24 PM

Vikas is asked to tell some bad qualities of Hina Khan. After Vikas, it is Hina who tells his bad points. 

14 January 2018, 22:23 PM

Stars of Belan Vali Bahu enter the Bigg Boss house and tell the inmates about their upcoming show. 

14 January 2018, 22:20 PM

The next performance is by the much-adored 'Jodi', Hiten and Arshi!

14 January 2018, 22:19 PM

Puneesh and Bandgi perform an intense water act. They dance to the epic song 'Tip Tip Barsa Paani'. 

14 January 2018, 22:11 PM

Six talented singers perform as the viewers vote live for them.

14 January 2018, 22:09 PM

India gets ready to vote live for the singers of  The Rising Star.

14 January 2018, 21:55 PM

Diljit Dosanjh sings 'Do You Know'. 

14 January 2018, 21:54 PM

Ravi Dubey promotes upcoming show 'The Rising Star'. 

14 January 2018, 21:50 PM

Salman Khan announces that Padmaavat will hit the theaters on January 25, 2018. The trailer of the film is played.

14 January 2018, 21:48 PM

Puneesh Sharma's parents come inside the Bigg Boss house! Which means that Puneesh is out of the Finale race.

14 January 2018, 21:45 PM

And here is a 'briefcase'. What does it contain? We'll know in a while.

14 January 2018, 21:40 PM

Akash says that Hina and Shilpa will be in top two. Is he right?

14 January 2018, 21:37 PM

Akash Dadlani performs on stage. Bang Bang!

14 January 2018, 21:36 PM

Salman asks Priyank who should win between Vikas and Hina. Priyank says that Vikas should win!

14 January 2018, 21:34 PM

It's Dhinchak Pooja in the house! She sings her latest song to entertain us all.

14 January 2018, 21:33 PM

Hiten says he should have been in place of Puneesh when Salman asks him. 

14 January 2018, 21:32 PM

Finalists get excited after looking at former contestants.

14 January 2018, 21:32 PM

Salman and inmates wish a very happy lohri, pongal and makar sankranti!

14 January 2018, 21:31 PM

Shilpa Shinde entertains us with a song!

14 January 2018, 21:30 PM

Hina Khan sings a song in her melodious voice.


14 January 2018, 21:28 PM

The winner will get Rs. 44 Lakh as prize money! The trophy indeed looks beautiful.



14 January 2018, 21:26 PM

Shilpa, Hina, Vikas and Puneesh talk about their experience inside the Bigg Boss house.

14 January 2018, 21:23 PM

Salman Khan addresses the inmates and says that for him, each contestant is a winner.

14 January 2018, 21:22 PM

All four inmates have celebs supporting them! Who will win the trophy? We shall know towards the end of tonight's episode.

14 January 2018, 21:21 PM

We are shown what other celebs have to say about the contestants. Prince Narula, winner of season 9 supports Puneesh.

14 January 2018, 21:17 PM

Bigg Boss addresses the four finalists. We love what the contestants are wearing!

14 January 2018, 21:15 PM

Salman calls Benafsha 'Priyank Ki Bhen' which makes everyone go ROFL. While Hiten says that he doesn't know the actual reason of Shilpa Shinde voting him out.

14 January 2018, 21:13 PM

Salman talks to the former contestants of Bigg Boss 11. Priyank says that he is supporting Vikas and Hina!

14 January 2018, 21:11 PM

We are given a glimpse of the trophy! Any guesses as to who will win?