Sofia Vergara, Nick Loeb `seek couple`s counselling`

Los Angeles: Following a heated New Year`s Eve fight which ended with the actress falling over and exposing her herself, Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb are seeking couples counselling.

Despite kissing and making up after the fall-out, a friend of the `Modern Family` actress said that the 40-year-old star thought it best that they iron out their problems before tying the knot, reported Radar Online.

"She decided they needed professional help before she would walk down the aisle. They had their first session over the phone ? and so far, so good!" the source said.

During the New Year`s Eve fracas, Vergara was partying with Loeb and friends, when he was allegedly thrown out of Miami Beach club Story after they had a "heated argument".

Mother-of-one Vergara and her businessman fiance became engaged in July but have yet to set a date yet for the big day.