Winter beauty hacks for the scale-free and radiant skin!

Outstrip the crowd and beat the winter with these easy on pocket beauty hacks without the need to stretch for a spa. Make the heads spin around and let people be flabbergasted about the beauty spell.  

Winter beauty hacks for the scale-free and radiant skin!
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Worried about your rough and scaly winter skin? Keep your worries at bay because we are here to tip you for a soft skin and shining hair that will keep you glowing throughout the brumal season. Winter body is all about watching over the moisture extent which can be significantly enhanced by slight caution and tender brace. Here are 7 hacks that will spruce you up and help you refurbish your soft and gorgeous skin.

1. Winter tends to parch your feet and steals away the moisture leading to desiccated soles and cracked heals. The finest way to secure the moisture is to smear moisturizer on your feet before going to bed and slip on a pair of cushy socks that act as an impediment and keep the moisture locked away all night long.

2. Hot water and soaps tend to dissociate moisture from our skin making it flaky. Anoint your body with coconut oil before the shower and lock the moisture by applying a moisturiser when the skin is still damp. It creates a bulwark that conceals the moisture keeping your skin soft and squishy. 

3. Lips are the most delicate part of your body which often tend to lose its softness giving a dreary appearance. Flaky lips are very painful and ruin the grace of your attire giving you a haggard look. Mix a teaspoon of coffee and sugar using few drops of rose water and scrub your lips with this melange followed by application of lip balm to seal the moisture. Sugar acts as an agent to exfoliate your lips and restore the softness; the secret to a perfect pout.

4. Lost the radiance of your face to the winters? Avoid washing your face with soaps as they steal away the moisture making it dull and dry. Curd mixed with lemon juice is the best alternative for the soft and radiating skin.

5. Hands and fingers are most prone to the repercussions of the frigid season. Massaging your cuticles with lip balm or vaseline prevents developing of painful hangnails along with increased blood supply resulting in healthier and pink nails. Putting on a pair of gloves help in captivating the moisture. 

6. Just like the rest of your body, the scalp also becomes parched with the advancement of the season. Winter brings along dandruff which is a nightmare for everyone. But you need not worry anymore. Add a spoonful of lemon juice to your hair oil and massage your scalp with fingertips 30 minutes prior to rinsing with shampoo. For people who are not disgusted with eggs can apply its eggwhite, like a hair mask and wash off after it has dried. Ready to swoon everyone with soft and shining hair.

7. Avoid using blowers or heaters for keeping warm as they eliminate all the moisture from the surroundings, causing the skin to dry out.