Exercise is not about running a marathon - An inside account of weight loss and body positivity!

Our colleague at Zee Hindustan Nirmal Trivedi is living proof of such theories. 

Exercise is not about running a marathon - An inside account of weight loss and body positivity!

Exercise has countless benefits especially during this challenging time of the pandemic. Then, of course, there’s the weight loss and muscle gain — the aesthetic changes that people tend to notice the most. There’s also the physiological advantages of better sleep, disease prevention, more energy and enhanced immunity. 

Finally comes the mental side — a boost in self-confidence, a new joy for life, and even a drive for stronger social connections. All of these powerful pay-offs can come from taking it just one step at a time. 

Our colleague at Zee Hindustan Nirmal Trivedi is living proof of such theories. 

Let his inspiring story of struggles and triumph, heartbreak and resilience drive you to sign up for a healthy lifestyle today rather than paying heavy subscriptions to health applications.

Have you always been nervous about taking that strength workout session you’ve always wanted to, or even just to take a walk outside this morning? Well, then all you need is a right mindset rather than the “right app”.

“Balanced diet, regular exercises and lukewarm water is the key to my weight loss in just three months. Consistency works like magic.”


Growing up, Nirmal Trivedi, 39, never worked out. He chose to stay in his comfort zone and never said no to whatever came to his plate. It wasn’t until COVID-19’s first wave hit the country and Nirmal became one of its victims. That was the time when he realised that at just 39, he has been captured by major health issues like depression, anxiety, migraine, etc. Weighing around 98kgs, he realised that he definitely needs a lifestyle reboot. A few simple diet changes, like dropping fried delicacies and sugar along with limiting the food calories, helped him lose straight 22 kgs.

The details of a workout schedule gets stressful at first for everyone. Questions like, “When to exercise? What to exercise? Who can guide?”, fog your mind. After a lot of research, Nirmal decided to just start walking and put his diet in the right order. Not long after, he decided to pick his normal pace up and walk 10,000 steps in a brisk walk.

“I decided to include good fibres in my meals. My health started improving when 80% of my efforts were put into maintaining a healthy diet plan. What motivated me to keep going was that it wasn’t as hard when you set your mind on your goals,” Nirmal recalls. 

People tend to make these huge decisions — like joining a gym or signing up for a fancy app — but he just made a tiny choice to take a walk around the block. We should always try to remind ourselves that little decisions serve us well in the long run.

The idea of taking life one step at a time and saying no to things that don’t serve his well-being has led our colleague Nirmal to make more time for himself. This has also improved his mental, physical as well as emotional health. With greater self-confidence, his efficiency at work has improved to a great extent too. 

People always ask what is the hardest thing about losing weight. Well, the response is simple! Say no to that buttered popcorn at the movies or the caramel custard post-dinner. 

Exercise is not about running a marathon or draining yourself in the gym for hours. It is all about those daily decisions to just go outside and keep going.