'Happiness' To 'Hwarang': 5 Park Hyung-sik Korean Dramas One Must-Watch

From his screen characters or his off-screen persona, Park Hyung-sik exudes a sense of relatability and calm, which translates well on screen. In his own words, he feels the need to relate to the parts he plays. 

'Happiness' To 'Hwarang': 5 Park Hyung-sik Korean Dramas One Must-Watch Pic Courtesy: Instagram

New Delhi: Something is endearing about Park Hyung-sik. From his screen characters or his off-screen persona, he exudes a sense of relatability and calm, which translates well on screen. In his own words, he feels the need to relate to the parts he plays. The actor has over the years extended his repertoire and broken away from his King of Romance image.

Here are 5 Park Hyung-sik dramas which showcase his versatility across genres.


The zombie apocalyptic thriller tells the story of residents in an apartment block who are asked to quarantine at the outbreak of a new infectious virus. Park Hyung Sik is detective Jung Yi Hyun who along with Special Unit Officer Yoon Sae Bom ( Han Hyo Joo) stays in one of the blocks. The two take it upon themselves to bring order as well as combat the chaos unfolding around them. Park Hyung Sik’s Yi Hyun is a compassionate and strong man who is willing to put himself in the line of fire. The actor’s nuanced performance won him critical acclaim.

Where To Watch: Netflix

Doctor Slump

A popular and sought-after plastic surgeon, Yeo Jeong Woo played by Park Hyung -sik loses everything he has built after a surgery goes wrong, and he is charged with medical negligence. He encounters his old classmate Kang Ha-neul( Park Shin-Hye) who was his arch-nemesis in school. But, she too like him is facing a career slump as well as battling mental health issues” Who would have thought the two best students, would be taking medicines for anxiety,” says Jeong Woo to Han Eul. The two strike a friendship and become each other’s biggest support as love blossoms. For all fans of Park Hyung-sik, you can hear him sing the mellifluous “Lean On Me” in the drama.

Where to Watch: Netflix

Our Blooming Youth

Park Hyung -Sik plays the distressed Crown Prince Lee Hwan who is under a mysterious curse. Besieged by evil omens and palace intrigues as well as his inheritance at stake, he finds himself in a precarious position.  The only one who can save him is Min Jae Yi ( Jeon So Nee),  a woman on the run and framed for a murder she has not committed. In disguise as a eunuch, she arrives at the palace and joins hands with the prince as they set out to uncover some bitter truths. Park Hyung-sik is one of the few actors who is comfortable in narratives with strong female characters. A man who makes his women look good has won his hearts.

Where To Watch: Viki

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Do Bong Soon ( Park Bo Young) is a petite young girl, but can pack quite a punch. Fondly called “the force,” she has superhuman strength and can take on people twice as well as thrice her size. But the unspoken rule is that she can use her superpower for a good cause. She comes on board as bodyguard to the charming and goofy Ahn Min Hyuk ( Park Hyung-sik) the CEO of a gaming company. Min Hyuk has been infatuated with Bong Soon and has a connection with her, which she seems to have forgotten. A cute romance unfolds between the two, as the two also take on some criminals on the way.

Where To Watch: Viki


Hwarang, also known as the Flower Knights, were an elite group of young men from high-ranking families who were well-versed in philosophy, religion, and arts. The legend of the Hwarang has grown over the years and found its way into popular culture. A  coming-of-age drama with a stellar ensemble as a group of young soldiers come together to form a new “Silla. On the way to discovering love, friendship, and their selves. The cast includes Park Seo Joon as the brave and free-spirited Moo Young and Park Hyung-sik as the crown prince Sam Maek Jong. Kim Soo Ho (SHINee’s Minho) is the flirty yet chivalrous happy-go-lucky Suk Han Sung (BTS’s V as well and Park Ban Ryu ( Do Ji Han and Kim Yoo Weol (Jo Yoon Woo) each join in with their agenda.

Where To Watch: Viki