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Hyderabad driver gets 127 speeding tickets, owes Rs 1.82 lakh in challan

The car was caught speeding on several occasions over the last several months - even reportedly touching 160kmph in a 100kmph stretch.

Hyderabad driver gets 127 speeding tickets, owes Rs 1.82 lakh in challan
A CCTV grab of a Honda Jazz overspeeding in Hyderabad. (Photo: Telangana State Police e-challan website)

Throwing caution to the wind, an owner of a Honda Jazz has racked up Rs 1.82 lakh in traffic penalties for driving beyond the speed limit 127 times in Hyderabad.

Deccan Chronicle reported that a Jazz car has been repeatedly flouting speed restrictions on Hyderabad's Outer Ring road. The driver has repeatedly been issued e-challans after his vehicle was caught beyond the 100kmph limit. He, or she, however neither paid the fine nor showed any signs of slowing down. Traffic department officials also say that alerts were sent to his registered mobile number but it is possible that the driver does not make use of the number any longer. Nonetheless, close to Rs 2 lakh in fine is astronomical by any stretch of the imagination.

It has been reported that the car has been regularly caught on CCTV cameras placed on the road over a period between April 4 of 2017 and March 10 this year. The Cyberabad Traffic Police's five speed guns have been tracking his movement and e-challans were issued each time. While other vehicles have previously been seized when found flouting speed norms for the fourth time, it is strange why this particular car was either not halted or seized even when found overspeeding for close to a year.

That a major accident was not caused by the vehicle is only a stroke of good fortune for both the driver and for other drivers and pedestrians on the road.