BJP's Alwar MLA says cow slaughter bigger crime than terrorism, warns of consequences

Gyan Dev Ahuja had previously blamed cops for the death of Rakbar -  a man beaten relentlessly by a mob on suspicions of smuggling cows.

BJP's Alwar MLA says cow slaughter bigger crime than terrorism, warns of consequences
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New Delhi: In yet another controversial statement from a BJP member, party MLA from Rajasthan Gyan Dev Ahuja recently cited cow slaughter to be a bigger crime than even terrorism and said that those guilty of it must be ready to face consequences.

News agency ANI quoted Ahuja as saying that sentiments of crores are hut by cow slaughter and that there can be no excuse for it. "Cow slaughtering is a bigger crime than terrorism. Terrorists kill 2-3 people, but when a cow is killed, sentiments of crores of Hindus are hurt," he said on Monday. "If cows are killed, people will be angry & cow smugglers will face consequences."

Ahuja's controversial comparison comes at a time when cow vigilantism has led to mob lynchings across the country. The situation is grim to the extent that even Supreme Court asked Centre to consider the prospect of having a law to specifically clamp down on mob lynchings.

Several political figures - cutting across party lines  - have made statements on cow slaughter and cow vigilantism. While the likes of SP's Azam Khan has urged Muslims to stay away from cows for the sake of their safety, Home Minister Rajnath Singh has condemned mob lynchings and has said that the Centre is deeply concerned and even ready to make a new law over the issue.

PTI adds: This is not the first time Ahuja has made controversial remarks. He had blamed cops for the death of Rakbar who was attacked by a mob on suspicion of smuggling cows. 

While it was alleged by his rivals that the people involved in the Rakbar case were his men, Ahuja had blamed the local police for the incident and had demanded a judicial inquiry or a CBI probe into the case to ensure unbiased investigation.

Last week, Ahuja had also demanded release of three persons arrested for allegedly lynching 28-year Rakbar on suspicion of the victim's involvement in smuggling cows.