- Consumer Complaints Forum Saving People from Online Scam and Fraud

A genuine and authorised consumer complaint solver website, by using this platform you can solve all your problems, complaints regarding any cyber or online fraud effectively. - Consumer Complaints Forum Saving People from Online Scam and Fraud is one of the most popular, genuine, trending consumer complaints and review portal. It provides free consumer care services to the people of India. Only you have to submit your complaint or your experience regarding any online app, services if you face any fraud or scam. Also, in this forum i.e. you can submit your complaints related to any government department or any private company in online mode from any place all over India. ComplaintRoom. is a unique platform for resolving consumer complaints against any brand quickly and effectively.

This platform can help consumers in fighting against injustice, cyber fraud or scams and lousy, arrogant customer service. To resolve the consumer complaints, uses social media, legal framework and business network. They take every complaint seriously and personally and ensure that their experts can genuinely help to get resolved complaints as early as possible. After receiving the complaints related to cyber fraud, ComplaintRoom also guide people to register the case with cybercrime police.

How work:

Users submit their complaints here about online fraud, cybercrime and other issues; and post their reviews about companies' services. As if the consumer complaints are posted by users about any company's services, companies' business affects due to this, so they resolve the customer issue through the portal itself.

ComplaintRoom saved a lot of people from Online Blackmailing & Mishappening: also takes cyber fraud and online blackmailing cases very seriously. ComplaintRoom has received a lot of cyber fraud and online blackmailing complaints this year and saved a lot of innocent people from online fraud and blackmailing. In past months, cyber fraud is on the hike in India, due to this has received many complaints from users who were suffering from online blackmailing, and were the thing for committing suicide. CompalintRoom provided them free counselling and saved them from cyber fraud and mishappenings.

The portal has also submitted fraudsters' details, their bank accounts and other details to various police officials to crack down the cyber fraud.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding -

How to use the platform

Anyone can use the the platform by following simple and easy steps-

1. Click on the "Submit Complaint" button given on the top side of the website.
2. For submission of your complaint, you have to enter your name, email id on the submit complaint page and other details.
3. Describe your complaint objection exhaustively, at least 300 words, for a better solution.

Also, remember to not share any confidential information in your complaint like your Bank Account or Credit/ Debit Card Details, Aadhar No., PAN Number or any personal information, etc.

I have presented a Complaint/ Comment, yet it isn't showing up on the ComplaintRoom, Why?

Whenever you have presented your Complaint or remark on ComplaintRoom, it might here and there be investigated by the administrator, and will be posted quickly on a site for people in general.

How to contact different clients or organizations on ComplaintRoom?

You can contact any client or organization by tapping on the "Send Message" button in the profile of any client/organization.

My grumbling has been settled. Presently how would it be advisable for me to respond?

If your protest has been settled, you can refresh your grievance as "Set apart as Resolved" through your ComplaintRoom Login Area.

I have received an update in the form of a Phone Call/SMS/Message/or Email from ComplaintRoom. Is this any sign or steps from the ComplaintRoom for the resolution of the complaint?

ComplaintRoom never settles on telephone decisions to anyone for any worry, never sends SMS or any Message to anyone for any worry. ComplaintRoom just sends explicit messages like Welcome Email, ComplaintRoom Registration Email, Reset Password Email.

However, never send email to clients identified with underneath Individual Details of User like home location, Ledger Number, Skillet Number/ Aadhar Number/ Mobile Number, Lottery Amount/ Any other Amount, Any monetary Issue... So Be Alert from Scammers!

What amount would it be advisable for me to need to pay to resolve my protest?

ComplaintRoom or any of its representatives Never Charge Any Fee from clients for settling any objection. On the off chance that anyone requests any installment from you for settling any issue, you ought to advise the police or digital wrongdoing branch right away.

How to find the Contact Information of the Complaint Author/ ComplaintRoom User? don't give or release any close to home subtleties of our clients to outsiders. Notwithstanding, assuming you need to contact any ComplaintRoom's user, you can send him a private message through his profile.

How to contact the ComplaintRoom Support Team?

You can Contact the ComplaintRoom Support Team from their Contact Us Page.

Conclusion- is a genuine and authorised consumer complaint solver website, by using this platform you can solve all your problems, complaints regarding any cyber or online fraud effectively.


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