Computer Baba not my minister! Twitter raps MP government's decision to appoint seers

A vast majority has questioned the basis for the appointments and have inquired about the political experience and expertise the hermits have to have been seen worthy.

Computer Baba not my minister! Twitter raps MP government's decision to appoint seers
Computer Baba - one of five hermits appointed MoS - poses for a photo. (PTI)

New Delhi: The decision to appoint five religious leaders as Minister of State by the Madhya Pradesh government has led to not just a barrage of criticism from opposition parties and political analysts but people at large on social media. While some are outrightly furious, many have been roasting CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan - peppering him and his government with jokes galore.

The MP government appointed five Hindu religious leaders as MoS late on Tuesday. Many felt it was an act of appeasement as many of these hermits were all set to campaign against what they said was a scam in the state government's Narmada conservation programme. So, Narmadanand Maharaj, Hariharanand Maharaj, Computer Baba, Bhayyu Maharaj and Pandit Yogendra Mahant - none of whom with much or any political acumen, suddenly found themselves in a position of power. The stir was cancelled, the scam forgotten, ministerial signboards went up and promises made aplenty.

Lightening quick in making their opinions heard, Twitterati quickly joined hands in slamming the decision which, too many, appeared stemming from political compulsions ahead of state elections later this year.









And as is mostly the case, it was not just anger but the apparent ludicrousness of the decision that tickled people at large.








The newly-appointed hermits and CM Chouhan himself has defended the decision and said that people from every section of society must be given the responsibility of serving for the common good. Chouhan has said the hermits will actively lead programs and policies that would benefit Narmada river and the environment. Just that not many appear to be buying the argument. Not yet anyway.