Shocking apathy: Woman carries husband on back to get disability certificate

Wheelchair? What's that? Tricycles? No way. The sorry state of affairs for a majority of differently-abled persons was once again seen in Mathura.

Shocking apathy: Woman carries husband on back to get disability certificate
Photo courtesy: ANI

New Delhi: A shocking example of India's absolutely pathetic lack of infrastructure for differently-abled population came to the fore recently when a woman in Mathura was compelled to carry her husband on her back when she went to the District Magistrate's office to obtain a disability certificate.

Bimla had gone to the DM's office to get a disability certificate for her husband who had lost his leg in an accident. Here, she was reportedly told a photo of the applicant is required for the paperwork. With no wheelchair or tricycle in the entire office complex, Bimla had no alternative but to brave the scorching April sun and place her husband on her back and hunt for a photo studio. "What am I supposed to do? This is our compulsion. We went to many different offices but still have not got the certificate," she said. "I did not go to work because we had to come here today. I can't come another day."

By-standers here too were not of much help as most chose to either stare or record the unfortunate incident on their phones.



As for the local administration, the magnitude of the problem was only realised when video of Bimla carrying her husband became public. It is a sad incident to happen in a civilised world. We will inspect the case and help accordingly," UP Minister Bhupendra Chaudhary was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.