SpiceJet flight suffers technical glitch, lands back at Mumbai airport

The flight, SG-13, was delayed by four hours.

SpiceJet flight suffers technical glitch, lands back at Mumbai airport

A Dubai-bound SpiceJet flight from Mumbai landed back in the city on Wednesday, after being airborne, due to a technical glitch in the aircraft.

The flight, SG-13, was delayed by four hours. The snag was rectified by airline engineers and the plane resumed the journey to Dubai after a delay of four hours. All passengers are said to be safe.

According to a statement by SpiceJet, "On January 9, 2019, flight SG-13 returned back to Mumbai due to a minor technical issue. The aircraft made a normal landing. Reports of emergency landing are wrong and baseless. After checks, aircraft continued with its rotation and has landed at Dubai in the normal course of business."

On January 6, SpiceJet's Boeing 737 MAX plane from Hong Kong suffered a mid-air engine problem, forcing the aircraft to make an emergency landing in Varanasi, according to news agency PTI. The plane was flying to Delhi from Hong Kong.

In another incident, a Pratt &Whitney engine of an IndiGo A320 neo plane stopped working mid-air when the aircraft was on its way to Kolkata from Chennai.

A senior official of the Director General of Civil Aviation said the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft faced an engine issue and made an emergency landing. When contacted, a SpiceJet spokesperson said the plane landed safely in Varanasi and passengers were deplaned normally.

Flight SG-32 was diverted to Varanasi after the pilots noticed low fuel supply in no. 1 engine, he said. "On inspection, a fuel control valve (a minor component) was found to have malfunctioned and is being replaced," the spokesperson added.

There have been issues with Boeing 737 MAX planes, which are currently flown by SpiceJet and Jet Airways.