Telugu Actor Nagarjuna Apologizes After Video Of His Bodyguard Pushing Specially-Abled Fan Goes Viral- WATCH

Actor Nagarjuna’s bodyguard was captured mistreating a fan which drew criticism on a viral video. However, the actor took social media platform and apologized about the incident


Telugu Actor Nagarjuna Apologizes After Video Of His Bodyguard Pushing Specially-Abled Fan Goes Viral- WATCH

On Sunday, legendary superstar Nagarjuna Akkineni came on X and apologized for the inappropriate behavior of his bodyguard towards one of his fans while he was on his way out of the airport. The incident faced massive criticism by the people.

The event is said to have happened at an airport where Nagarjuna was spotted moving out by the paparazzi where a fan of the actor came close to meet him. He was pushed back by the bodyguard inappropriately inviting censure by the viewers.

The Viral Video:

The Video of the incident was posted by @viralbhayani77 on Twitter (now X) with the caption, “Where has humanity gone?”  The video received more than 3.4 million views on  X and more than seven hundred people reacted to the clip.

In the video, Nagarjuna was seen surrounded by people and was walking out of the airport when a fan who approached to meet him was aggressively pushed back by the bodyguard. The actor appeared unaware of the event. However, he was slammed on the internet after the video of the incident went viral over the net.

Netizens appeared upset with the incident and stood in support of the man, mistreated by the bodyguard.

One of the users wrote, “It’s important to show respect to everyone, regardless of their age.” 

Another commented, “Hey @iamnagarjuna This is wrong at so many levels. It’s important to show respect to everyone.”

Nagarjuna Apologizes On X:

Nagarjuna has a huge fan following across India especially in the southern part and has appeared in numerous blockbusters.

Sharing the video, the actor wrote, “This just came to my notice…this shouldn’t have happened!! I apologize to the gentleman and will take necessary precautions that it will not happen in future!!”

After a few hours of the viral post, Nagarjuna posted X and apologized for the happening and promised that he would take necessary precautions so that such incidents would not appear in the future was appreciated by his followers

One user commented, “The people around you need to apologize sir, it's not even your mistake!!