ZEE Entertainment announces the launch of ZEE5 ORIGINALS on its digital entertainment platform

With 20 Originals by the end of April 2018, ZEE5 ORIGINALS strives to create an immersive experience for audiences with its potent content offerings across 6 languages.

ZEE Entertainment announces the launch of ZEE5 ORIGINALS on its digital entertainment platform

Mumbai: ZEE5, India’s largest and most comprehensive digital entertainment platform for language content, on Monday announced the launch of ZEE5 ORIGINALS. Spearheaded by Amit Goenka, CEO - Zee International and Z5 Global, ZEE5 ORIGINALS marks ZEE5’s foray into the original content space, making it the biggest content hub in India. 
With 20 Originals by the end of April 2018, ZEE5 ORIGINALS, a holistic mix of web-series and short films, strives to create an immersive experience for audiences with its potent content offerings across 6 languages - Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Bengali. The streaming of ZEE5 ORIGINALS instills ZEE5’s supremacy in creating a multi-lingual experience, with content across 7 genres - Thriller, Drama, Action, Comedy, Satire, Biopics and Reality.
Every month, the OTT platform will further strengthen its pipeline of offerings with one new web series in each of the aforementioned languages and one new short film. By the end of March 2019, ZEE5 will host over 90+ original shows.

This Spring, ZEE5 ORIGINALS will feature 20 Originals - a mix of web-series and short films - in 6 languages. This includes 9 Hindi web-series (Karenjit Kaur, Life Sahi Hai 2, Lockdown, Babbar Ka Tabbar, Zero Kms, Table Number 5, The Story, The Big Cover Up, Dhatt Teri Ki) and 3 Hindi short films (Mehmaan, Tamashree, Sone Bhi Do Yaaron). For the users looking for a lingual experience, ZEE5 is launching 2 Marathi web-series (Liftman, Horn OK Please), 2 Telugu web-series (Nanna Koochi, Chitram Vichatram), 2 Tamil web-series (Kallachirippu, America Mappillai), 1 Malayalam web-series (Utsaha Ithihasam) and 1 Bengali movie (Aranya Deb).

"With the launch of ZEE5 ORIGINALS, we are set to take the reach of ZEE5 to the next level with an unparalleled depth of content offerings. Our aim, with ZEE5, is to present thought-provoking and relatable content which stirs emotions, triggers conversations and leaves the viewers feeling entertained and refreshed. Using our expertise as a global content company, ZEE5 ORIGINALS will feature a library of exclusive content which is relatable, understated, bold, progressive and layered making for an immersive experience keeping our core target engaged and stimulating their entertainment appetite in a language of their choice. ZEE5’s technologically superior interface, be it voice search, progressive web app experience, content download options, multi-CDN strategy for an optimized video viewing experience, and multi-platform support have set it apart in the industry, making way for a ‘glocal’ content consumption shift amongst consumers,” said Amit Goenka, CEO, ZEE International and Z5 Global. 

Many actors attended the star-studded launch. 

With over 3500 films, 500+ TV shows, 4000+ music videos, 35+ theatre plays and 90+ LIVE TV Channels across 12 languages, ZEE5 truly presents a blend of unrivalled content offering for its viewers across the nation and worldwide. With its strategic alliances with the best of the production houses across the globe, ZEE5 offers world-class content from various countries such as Turkey, Pakistan, United States, United Kingdom, Korea, China, Spain and many more. 

The ZEE5 App can be downloaded from Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It is also available at - zee5.com - as a Progressive Web App (PWA), and on Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick. ZEE5 also supports Chromecast.

Pricing - Freemium pricing model with both free and paid premium content (including Originals) to cater to a mix of audiences. Viewers who subscribe to the ZEE5 subscription pack will get access to the entire library of content at a special launch offer price of INR 99 per month instead of the actual monthly pack price of INR 150.