Congress MLAs in Karnataka to be shifted but 'destination a secret'

Congress and JDS maintain their respective MLAs are safe, secure and united. BJP has, nonetheless, questioned the faith the parties have in them even as it looks at strategies to successfully prove majority in floor test in Karnataka Assembly.

Congress MLAs in Karnataka to be shifted but 'destination a secret'
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Bengaluru: Hide and seek is a game best being played currently in Karnataka's political circle. Even as BJP allegedly is trying to woo them in order to pass an upcoming floor test, MLAs of Congress and JDS are being kept 'hidden' in a resort outside here and will be shifted to another location soon.

Congress has maintained that there is unity and that none of its MLAs would cross over to BJP. The party has also maintained that BJP is trying to lure the MLAs with money but it would come to a naught. On Thursday night, Congress' Ramalinga Reddy confirmed that at least the Congress MLAs would soon be moved out of the Bengaluru resort - without giving any more details. "We will be shifted today. We will tell you more later. JD(S) MLAs are not coming along. The place has not been decided yet," he told mediapersons.



The entire spotlight has come on the Congress and JDS MLAs because while BJP's BS Yeddyurappa has been sworn in as the CM because his was the single-largest party after counting of votes, he will still need to prove majority within 15 days from Thursday (May 17). Most agree that the only way the party can do so is if MLAs from Congress and/or JDS switch sides.

Allegations have flown thick and fast. Congress has approached Supreme Court asking the apex court to intervene and overturn Karnataka Governor's decision to invite Yeddyurappa to take oath. The Congress-JDS combine has more than minimum seats required to form government but BJP has argued it has the first right because it is the single-largest party. Congress President Rahul Gandhi has compared what's happening to the political setup in Pakistan. BJP chief Amit Shah has claimed it is Congress that has repeatedly murdered democracy. Former CM Siddaramaiah has alleged horse-trading being done by BJP. BJP leader Prakash Javadekar has hit back saying Congress does not have faith in its own MLAs.

It is murky and might get even murkier.

The security cover outside the Bengaluru resort was removed on Thursday evening - adding fuel to the proverbial fire.




Congress leader Ashok Gehlot has asked party leaders and workers to stage nation-wide protests against Karnataka's political situation on Friday. Congress' Goa unit has planned to use BJP's Karnataka formula and approach the Governor here to stake claim on the basis of being the single-largest party in the last assembly elections here. Ditto with RJD in Bihar. And the same in Manipur.

With parties looking at either keeping power or snatching it, the drama continues - quite unchecked.