Kids born transgender or with autism because their moms behave 'like men': Kerala 'teacher' faces government ire

He has known to have made a number of other ridiculous statements at his 'counselling' sessions.

Kids born transgender or with autism because their moms behave 'like men': Kerala 'teacher' faces government ire
Rajith Kumar should not be invited to any events in government offices, Kerala's Education Minister has said. (Picture: Screengrab from YouTube)

A self-styled student counsellor in Kerala is facing government action after making pseudo-scientific and sexist statements. Among the grossly incorrect statements that have raised hackles has been the claim that if a woman wears jeans, her child will be transgender. He also said autism in children is caused by a rebellious streak in their parents.

The pseudo-science purveyor in this instance is Rajith Kumar, who is reportedly a teacher in a government college in the town of Kalady. The Kerala government cracked down against his statements, criticising him for spreading "misogynist and gender insensitive" messages, the Hindu reported.

Addressing a gathering, Rajith reportedly 'blamed' the parents for their children turnout out to be transgendered or if they suffered from autism. "When a woman degrades her womanhood, or a man degrades his manhood, the girl born to them will have the characteristics of a man. A child born to such a woman will be transgender."

The other statement that has sparked anger is his 'explanation' for why some children are born with autism or cerebral palsy. He blamed this on the rebelliousness and non-conformist attitude in the parents of such children. 

Rajith has been known to make such outrightly absurd and incorrect statements with claims of academic and scientific backing at the so-called 'awareness sessions' and 'counselling sessions' he undertakes at various colleges or government offices.

The Kerala government has now taken umbrage at this gibberish. Education Minister KK Shailaja recently released a statement barring all government departments and agencies from inviting Rajith from taking part in their programmes.

There are a number of clips on video platforms like YouTube that feature Rajith delivering his pseudoscience to audience or discussing them on television programmes. A YouTube channel that appears to belong to him has about 2500 followers.