Can't help with passport woes, says EAM S Jaishankar's son Dhruva in cheeky tweet

Apparently, someone had mistakenly tweeted to new Foreign Minister S Jaishankar's son Dhruva Jaishankar, asking for some passport related help.

Can't help with passport woes, says EAM S Jaishankar's son Dhruva in cheeky tweet

NEW DELHI: Former Foreign Secretary Subrahmanyam Jaishankar on Thursday emerged as a surprise entrant into Prime Minister Narendra Modi`s new Cabinet as he replaced Sushma Swaraj as the Minister of External Affairs.

S Jaishankar, often hailed as PM Modi's 'crisis manager', was appointed as Foreign Secretary in January 2015 after Prime Minister Modi-led NDA government took a decision to dismiss then Foreign Secretary Sujatha Singh. 

He is also known as the government`s key strategist for China and the US. A 1977-batch IFS officer, Jaishankar played a key role in resolving the crisis following the incursion in Ladakh's Depsang and the Doklam stand-off, handling the tough negotiations with Beijing.

Therefore, Jaishankar could play a pivotal role as External Affairs Minister amid increasing trade war tensions between the US and China and for consolidating regional strength.


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However, on the day portfolios were announced, his son 'Dhruva Jaishankar' stole some of his father's limelight by posting a tongue-in-cheek tweet. 

Responding to an apparently misplaced request to the new Foreign Affairs Minister for help regarding visa or passport, Dhruva said, "Dude. Wrong Twitter".

 This was followed by a humorous clarification from Dhruva in which he said, "And before anyone asks, I can absolutely not help anyone with their passport, visa, or getting-you-out-of-a-foreign-prison problems."

Dhruva added, "I have plenty of those problems myself (other than the prisons - I try to stay clear of those)."

The exchange was clearly a reflection of how former External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj was always one tweet away from helping people with their passport or visa troubles.