Crime blossoming in Bihar: RSS publication Organizer

Taking a dig at Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, an article in an RSS publication alleged that crime is blossoming in the state.

New Delhi: Taking a dig at Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, an article in an RSS publication alleged that crime is blossoming in the state and the CM has lost control of administration and the police.

"All the fears expressed before elections are proving true now. The morale of criminals in Bihar has increased manifold with the return of Lalu-Nitish combine," an article in "Organiser" said.

Citing the recent murder of engineers in Bihar, the RSS publication said that every corner of the state was now "abuzz with news of crime, be it murder for ransom, loot or rape".

"People in the state are living in a state of fear for life especially after the four cold-blooded murder of engineers the entire state is in a shock. These incidents have put a very big question mark on the law and order. This is just a trailer of the events to come in future. Crime rate has shot up in entire state with great speed," an article in the publication charged.

It mentioned as "most heinous" the crime in deputy Chief Minister Tejaswi Yadav?s constituency where on December 28 Ankit Kumar, an engineer with a private company was stabbed to death by criminals.

"His body was found near a garden in Kashipur village. Ankit was an engineer with Corporate IT sector. Another trader Santosh Kumar Chaudhary was shot at on the same night. Santosh, a resident of Sitamarhi had been doing business here since last decade.

In Katihar the miscreants looted Rs 18 lakh. "After the return of Lalu-Nitish combine in Bihar in the recently-held elections, these elements have received a shot in their arms to re-launch their activities. Nitish Kumar, it seems, has lost control over the administration and police inspite of being the Chief Minister," alleges the article and claimed that crimes against women were also rising in the state.

It further charges that businessmen and traders are seriously considering the option of moving out of the state in view of "growing incidents of jungle raj" in the state. The article also talks of theft of artifacts and ancient idols in the state mentioning the theft of historically important idol of Lord Mahaveera from Khaira in Jamui on December 27 as a case in point.

"Though the idol was recovered it was not because of the efficiency of cops but because miscreants could not carry it further and dropped it midway. On December 10, criminals attempted a theft in Mahalakshmi temple of Brahmapura police station in Muzaffarpur where they laid their hands on ornaments worth lakhs of rupees. Similarly an ancient idol from Kahalgaon temple in Bhagalpur was stolen and there has been no progress in these two cases. During the last five years, criminals have stolen over 200 idols from various temples in the state, the highest being in Nalanda district followed by Navada and Gaya and other districts," the article says.