Know more about Mata Savinder Kaur - the new head of Sant Nirankari Mission

Mata Savinder Kaur has been elected as the next head of Sant Nirankari Head Mission.

Know more about Mata Savinder Kaur - the new head of Sant Nirankari Mission

New Delhi: Savinder Kaur, wife of Baba Hardev Singh, the Nirankari sect head who died in a car crash in Canada on May 13, has been made as the next head, as per a media report.

As per the reports, the announcement regarding her succession was made official on Tuesday evening. Kaur will be leading the sect in performing the last rites of Baba Hardev Singh and her son-law, who also died in the accident.




Earlier, there were speculations that his elder son-in-law would or youngest daughter would be made the next Guru. Now, followers of the sect are relived that the rumors over the succession of thee next Nirankari head has finally been put to rest.

We bring to you five things about the new Nirankari Head Mission head:

  • In her late fifties Savinder, hailing from Farooqabad town of Uttar Pradesh, was married to Hardev Singh in 1975.
  • All the Nirankari preaching centres across the globe used to display photos of both the Baba and Savinder Kaur side by side.
  • She will be the first woman and fifth in line to the sect that was founded in 1929 and has over 10 million followers.
  • Kaur used to accompany the Baba in every congregation in India and abroad and as a routine practice he used to make her sit on his right side, seeking equal respect for her from the followers.
  • After taking over the chief of the sect, Kaur told the followers to be in harmony with each other and take ahead the Nirankari mission as 'Baba Ji' wished.