Dev Anand's Iconic Juhu Bungalow Not Sold For Rs 400 Cr, Kin Ketan Anand Calls It 'False News'

Dev Anand's Iconic Juhu Bungalow Sold? Finally, the late legendary Bollywood actor's kin has reacted to the news.

Dev Anand's Iconic Juhu Bungalow Not Sold For Rs 400 Cr, Kin Ketan Anand Calls It 'False News' Pic Courtesy: Movie Still

New Delhi: The legendary late Indian megastar Dev Anand's iconic Juhu house is where he lived with his family for decades. Over the past few days, rumours about it being sold for a whopping Rs 300-400 crore deal with a real estate company turning it into a tower were doing the rounds. However, Dev Anand's kin has now denied it completely. 


In an interview with ETimes, Ketan Anand, who is the son of Dev Anand's brother Chetan clarified, "No, it's false news. I have checked with Devina and the family." Dev Anand is survived by 2 sons who stay in the US, and a daughter Devina who lives in Ooty with her mother Kalpana. 

It was earlier reported by multiple news portals that Dev Anand's iconic Juhu residence will be turned into a 22-storey tower after being sold to a famous real-estate company in Mumbai. However, looks like it was a mere rumour with no solid proof.


Coming back to his bungalow, Dev Anand Juhu's house was built by him back in 1950. In one of his earlier interviews, he said, "I built my Juhu house in 1950. Juhu was a small village then and there was total wilderness. I liked it because I’m a loner. Juhu has become very crowded now, too full of people, especially on Sundays. It’s not the same beach any longer. My Iris Park residence doesn’t have a park anymore, there is a school and four bungalows bang opposite my place."