Got special 50 paise coin? You can earn up to Rs 1 lakh by selling it online, check how

You can sell special 50 paisa coin online to earn up to Rs 1 lakh real quick. 

Got special 50 paise coin? You can earn up to Rs 1 lakh by selling it online, check how

New Delhi: If you are also fond of collecting old and collectable coins, then we have good news for you. With the rising demand for rare currency, interested buyers are now ready to pay a handsome sum to add collectable coins to their portfolios. 

So, if you had bought old coins previously, you can earn a lot of money real quick, as the price of these coins has increased a lot now. For instance, an old 50 paisa coin is selling for up to Rs 1 lakh. 

The reason why the coin has become special is that it is out of circulation since 2011 - the same year since the 25 paisa coins went out of circulation. Since the coin is out of circulation, collectors are now ready to pay a huge sum to add it to their collection. 

How to sell old coins?

You can easily sell old coins on online classifieds platforms such as OLX. For selling old coins, collectors will first have to create their own accounts on the platform. Users will have to register with their phone number and e-mail ID for creating the account. 

After creating the account, you’ll have to create the listing for the coin. Click some good photos of the coin so that it’s visible that it was issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in 2011. Also Read: e-ATM for Mutual Funds: ICICI Direct launches facility for instant payout on redemptions

Once your listing goes live, interested parties will start contacting you. Before selling the coin, you can negotiate with the buyer to buy the coin at the price you want. However, you must remain aware that the buyer is genuine and not someone just wasting your time. Also Read: Sensex slumps 678 points; Nifty ends below 17,700

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