Ahead of Prabhas's birthday, a look at 10 CRAZY fan tributes to the 'Baahubali' actor!

Baahubali star Prabhas will celebrate his birthday on Saturday (October 23). Here's a glimpse of wild ways in which fans have expressed their love for him.

Ahead of Prabhas's birthday, a look at 10 CRAZY fan tributes to the 'Baahubali' actor!
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New Delhi: Prabhas is not just a name in but is an emotion for his fans globally. The actor enjoys a huge fan following not only in India but also globally and it has only expanded over the years with his trio of Pan-India films.

From helping Baahubali break records to being every director's first choice for a Pan-India film Prabhas has come a long way and has earned a lot of die-hard fans worldwide.

Ahead of Prabhas's birthday, we take a look at how the crazy fans have celebrated the star over the years. Here we look at some of the most memorable things that the fans of done for Prabhas.

1. Radhe Shyam poster inaugration for hotel

A devoted fan of Prabhas recently inaugurated his hotel. What's surprising is that the fan choose to use the first poster of Radhe Shyam as the backdrop of his hotel as he inaugurated the hotel and in the back one can see the poster of Prabhas as a prominent feature. The fans have been anticipating the film's release ever since it was announced and from the day that the first poster was unveiled the fans have always shown their love to every other poster or update that has been made public, the excitement around the film's release has been surreal.


2. Baahubali Ganesh Idol

Lord Ganesh is everyone's favourite god and so it's safe to say that a lot of variations of the idol have been seen over the years. From cricket idol to an idol in police outfit to much more, sculptors have carved Ganesha in many avatars over the years and one such avatar that shocked everyone was, Baahubali Ganpati. It surely crossed a great level of craze for someone to have the idea of such a unique idol.


3. Baahubali Thaali

Prabhas's character Baahubali surpassed a new level of craze when Baahubali thali made rounds on the internet. Stacked with Devsena paratha, Kattapa biryani, Bhalladeva Patiala Lassi, Sivagami Shaahi Pakwan and topped with Baahubali parathas loaded with butter and cheese toppings the thaali came into existence because of some crazy fan who went to lengths to show how much the Pan-India star Prabhas meant to them. 


4. Prabhas's Baahubali tattoo

A super crazy fan surpassed all levels of dedication for the star when he went ahead and got himself a full back covering tattoo of Prabhas's Baahubali. Instances like these really show how much the craze for the star is amongst his fans.


5. Russian Fan tattoo

Another International fan showed her love for the Pan-India actor when she went ahead and got 'Prabhas' tattooed on her back with a red heart. The fans just can't themselves but go ahead and do all these kinds of stuff just to be able to express their love for him.


6. Marriage Proposals

With not a lot of bachelor actors around one name that still remains a hot favourite is Prabhas. The actor on multiple occasions has been termed as the most eligible bachelor there is currently in the film industry. The actor also enjoys a great amount of female fan following and it just reiterates the point.

7. Baahubali toys

Kids weren't left far off either with Prabhas craze as Baahubali fever swept the nation. Baahubali themed books, bags, toys, etc. flooded the market and every kid owned some or the other Baahubali themed stuff as Prabhas's fame came to the forefront once again.


8. International fans

Prabhas is loved and celebrated globally and Japan is one such nation that has many die-hard Prabhas fans. There is one instance where a Prabhas lady fan group in Japan made it a point to travel to India and meet the star. Since they could not meet the star the group decided to have pictures clicked outside Prabhas's house.


9. Spicy food symbol

Coming straight from Japan, a spicy food dish from a hotel emerged online as it showed that the packaging had a photo of Prabhas. The Japanese used the actor's image to showcase the word spicy which again in itself was huge praise for the star and that too on an international level.


10. Japanese Women with Garlands

Japanese fans can't get enough of Prabhas and another event to showcase this is the time when the female fans circled around the actor's image with Garlands in their hands as they showed their love for the Pan-India star.

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