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Janmashtami 2018: Memorable events from Shri Krishna's life

There are a lot of events from Lord Krishna's life that are worth remembering.

Janmashtami 2018: Memorable events from Shri Krishna's life
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In Hindu religion, we often greet each other by saying 'Radhe Krishna'. The platonic love of Radha and Krishna shows us just how pure love should be. Apart from his love for Radha, there are a lot of events from Lord Krishna's life that are worth remembering. On the occasion of his birthday today, here are some events from our beloved Lord Krishna's life:

1. Showing The Universe to mother Yashodha

It is said that when Shri Krishna was a child, he loved eating soil. One day, when he was caught by mother Yashodha, the 'Natkhat Gopal' lied to her that he was not eating soil. When she asked him to open his mouth, Shri Krishna did so and mother Yashodha saw the entire universe in the Lord's mouth.

Fascinating, right?

2. Taming Kaliya the serpent

Kaliya was a dreaded, multi-hooded snake who poisoned the water of river Yamuna causing the cattle to die. Shri Krishna tamed the snake and sent him away from the river, restoring peace.

3. Saving Draupadi

We all know the story of how Draupadi's cheerharan was prevented by Lord Krishna by continually extending the cloth of her saree. This incident is itched in history forever and it known by every child and adult belonging to the Hindu religion.

4. Krishna in Mahabharata

The Mahabharata is widely known for Shri Krishna's ideas and his pivotal role in helping the Pandavas to win the battle. Mahabharata remains one of the most important events of Shri Krishna's life.

5. Rasleela

Shri Krishna's 'Rasleela' is famous till date. It is said that in a village in Vrindavan, the lord dances with his 'Gopis' every night, even today. The trees in 'Nidhivan' forest in the city of Vrindavan, according to belief, become Shri Krishna's gopis at night.

6. Sudama's friendship

Krishna and Sudama's friendship portrays how friends should actually be. No matter how sucessful you are in life, you must never forget your old friends. Sudama, a childhood friend of Krishna visited him in his palace in Dwarka when Krishna became a king. Shri Krishna gave his friend everything he ever wanted and transformed his lifestyle entirely.

7. Killing of Kansa

Krishna's maternal uncle, Kansa was a tyrant and he had made several attempts to kill Shri Krishna upon his birth. Peace was restored when the lord finally killed the evil Kansa who had mercilessly murdered all of Krishna's brothers and sisters the moment they were born.