DNA: The world is no longer afraid of Corona?

In this segment of DNA we will analyse why the world is no longer afraid of Coronavirus?

Jul 08, 2020, 23:44 PM IST

How to boost your immune system to fight coronavirus

इस समय Immunity बढ़ाने पर जोर देना काफी जरूरी है. हर किसी को अपने Immune सिस्टम को मजबूत (Strong Immune System) करने के लिए रोज सुबह ये योगासन करने चाहिए. देखें वीडियो.

Jul 06, 2020, 19:50 PM IST

Immunity Conclave On Zee : Swami Ramdev Immunity Mantra

ZEE NEWS के कार्यक्रम इंडिया इम्युनिटी E-CONCLAVE में स्वामी रामदेव का ये Immunity मंत्र आपको रखेगा फिट देखें वीडियो.

Jul 05, 2020, 14:04 PM IST

Immunity Conclave On Zee Discuss about how yoga impacts allopathy

ImmunityConclaveOnZee में जानिए क्यों एलोपैथी योग और आयुर्वेद से पीछे है.

Jul 05, 2020, 13:34 PM IST

Amul launches Tulsi, Ginger milk to boost immunity during COVID-19

In order to boost immunity among its consumer at the time of coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, Amul has come out with two new flavours — 'Ginger' and 'Tulsi' milk. The milk will be available in both cans as well as packets. The 125 ml can is priced at Rs 25.

Jun 11, 2020, 12:48 PM IST

Quick Yoga Tricks to Boost Immunity and Manage Anxiety during Lockdown

The lockdown has left everyone restricted to our homes leading to lack physical activity. Here are simple yoga poses which will help improve immunity, achieve a stable mind and healthy body.

Apr 09, 2020, 15:12 PM IST

Why COVID-19 spread is slow in India?

In this segment of Zee News, we talk about why COVID-19 spread is slow in India?

Apr 04, 2020, 19:42 PM IST

Judge orders Trump to turn over tax returns to NY prosecutors, blasts 'repugnant' immunity claim

A federal judge on Monday said U.S. President Donald Trump must hand over eight years of tax returns to Manhattan prosecutors, forcefully rejecting the president`s argument that he was immune from criminal investigations.

Oct 07, 2019, 23:11 PM IST

Toxic nanoparticles in tattoo inks may harm your immune system

Toxic impurities that make up the ink in tattoos can travel inside the body in the form of nanoparticles and affect the lymph nodes.

Sep 13, 2017, 18:30 PM IST

Faulty immune system causes depression: Study

However, researchers from the University of Cambridge in the UK have found that an overactive immune system triggers inflammation throughout the entire body, sparking feelings of hopelessness, unhappiness and fatigue.

Sep 11, 2017, 15:56 PM IST

This probiotic beer uplifts immunity, enhances gut health

The new beer created by researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS), incorporates the probiotic strain Lactobacillus paracasei L26, which was first isolated from human intestines and has the ability to neutralise toxins and viruses, as well as regulate the immune system.

Jun 29, 2017, 13:58 PM IST

Carbohydrate consumption during workouts boosts immunity, says report

Intense exercise creates immune disturbances and thus people often tend to have fewer natural killer white blood cells after a workout session which also increases the risk of upper respiratory illnesses, the researchers said.

Feb 17, 2017, 20:32 PM IST

Sex of the baby may determine expecting mothers' level of immunity!

Published in journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity, the study shows the sex of a baby is associated with pregnant women's immune responses.

Feb 13, 2017, 00:13 AM IST

Sound sleep can make your immune system strong

The findings, published in the journal Sleep, showed that chronic short sleep shuts down programs involved in immune response of circulating white blood cells.

Jan 28, 2017, 11:53 AM IST

Know the surprising health benefits of chikoo!

Being one of the most popular tropical fruit apart from mango, banana, and jackfruit, chikoo is exceptionally sweet and delicious. 

Jan 07, 2017, 23:43 PM IST

Bask in the sunlight to energise your immune cells

While production of vitamin D requires ultra violet (UV) light -- known to promote skin cancer and melanoma, the low levels of blue light found in the sun's rays is safer and helps makes T cells move faster.

Dec 21, 2016, 16:56 PM IST

Top seven health benefits of drinking lemon water!

 Lemon water is considered good for our body as it helps in restoring our health and rejuvenating the entire physical system. 

Oct 20, 2016, 23:18 PM IST

Top five benefits of drinking honey water!

Honey is considered as one of the healthiest foods in the world. 

Oct 14, 2016, 23:32 PM IST

2,000 protest in Romania over minister's immunity

The protesters briefly blocked traffic late Thursday in front of the upper house of parliament, waving placards bearing slogans such as "Corruption kills" and "Shame on You".

Sep 23, 2016, 08:25 AM IST

This is why you should eat tomatoes!

We all love to eat tomatoes as they are an implausibly versatile food and a powerhouse of nutritional benefits.

Sep 15, 2016, 23:20 PM IST