Karunanidhi's remarkable election scorecard: 13 elections fought, none lost

He never lost an election, but he has had huge scares in the counting booth.

Karunanidhi's remarkable election scorecard: 13 elections fought, none lost

DMK chief M Karunanidhi is among the few politicians in India who can claim to have fought a significant number of elections without ever losing. The veteran leader contested in 13 Assembly elections, of the 15 that have been held since Independence.

But just because he has never lost doesn't mean it has all been smooth sailing for Karunanidhi. He has had really bad scares in counting in 1980 and 1991. There have also been elections when has won with massive margins, like the 1996 election which he won with a mindboggling margin of 59.88 percent. He never contested a Lok Sabha election.

Here is Karunanidhi's full election scorecard:

1951 Assembly election
Did Not Contest

Constituency: Kulittalai
Opponent: KA Dharmalingam [Congress]
Margin of victory: 8296 votes (17.23%)

Constituency: Thanjavur
Opponent: Parisutha Nadar [Congress]
Margin of victory: 1928 votes (3.05%)

Constituency: Saidapet
Opponent: SG Vinayagamurthy [Congress]
Margin of victory: 20482 votes (23.38%)

Constituency: Saidapet
Opponent: N Kamalingam [Congress (Organisation)]
Margin of victory: 12511 votes (10.76%)

Constituency: Anna Nagar
Opponent: G Krishnamurthy [AIADMK]
Margin of victory: 16438 votes (19.12%)

Constituency: Anna Nagar
Opponent: HV Hande [AIADMK]
Margin of victory: 699 votes (0.67%)

Did Not Contest

Member of Legislative Council till it was abolished.

Constituency: Harbour
Opponent: KA Wahab [Muslim League]
Margin of victory: 31991 votes (45.92%)

Constituency: Harbour
Opponent: K Suppu [Congress]
Margin of victory: 890 votes (1.4%)

Constituency: Chepauk
Opponent: NSS Nellai Kannan [Congress]
Margin of victory: 35784 votes (59.88%)

Constituency: Chepauk
Opponent: R Damodharan [Congress]
Margin of victory: 4834 votes (8.41%)

Constituency: Chepauk
Opponent: Dawoon Miakhan [Independent]
Margin of victory: 8522 votes (12.7%)

Constituency: Thiruvarur
Opponent: M Rajendran [AIADMK]
Margin of victory: 50249 votes (29.02%)

Constituency: Thiruvarur
Opponent: R Panneerselvam [AIADMK]
Margin of victory: votes 68366 (34.74%)