India's Best Dancer 3 Mother's Day Special: Contestant Ram Bisht Gets Reunited With His Mom After 7 Years

On the occasion of Mother's Day, the stage of India's Best Dancer - 3 went emotional as constestant Ram Bisht was reunited with his mother after 7 years.

India's Best Dancer 3 Mother's Day Special: Contestant Ram Bisht Gets Reunited With His Mom After 7 Years

New Delhi: Popular dance reality show India's Best Dancer Season 3 will see the 'Best Ka Double Test' on Saturday and the 'Battle of the Best' on Sunday. Combinations of two or three contestants along with their choreographers will have to perform together to win the hearts (and marks) of the E.E.N.T specialists - judges Sonali Bendre, Geeta Kapur & Terence Lewis in the first challenge. The second challenge will have the contestants battling each other in intense dance face-offs, truly proving their mettle with each move. One such battle that is set to leave everybody spellbound will be between the ‘Best 13’ contestants - Ram Bisht and Apeksha Londhe on the song ‘dum dum mast hai’ from the film 'Band Baaja Baaraat'.  

Geeta Kapur is affectionately called Geeta "Maa" for good reason and on ‘Mother's Day’, Geeta will plan a sweet surprise for Ram Bisht. Ram, who has not met his parents for the past seven years, will be reunited with them on the stage of India’s Best Dancer Season 3. The reunion would make him emotional, and a grateful Ram Bisht would share, "I had met my father once, I had called him when I was in Punjab and cried on the phone. However, I did not meet my mother and I went back to Mumbai. It's been 6-7 years since then and I am meeting them now. And, India’s Best Dancer Season 3 made this happen by giving me this opportunity. Truly Grateful. I could have gone back but I was chasing the dreams of my life and I always want to see them happy as I come closer to achieving my dreams."  

With his family by his side, Ram would be motivated to give his best in the dance battle, and he would dedicate this performance to his family. Talking about how his beloved mother has always supported his dreams, Ram Bisht added saying "My mother has always supported me and my dreams. Although we did not have much money, my father would pay my school fees and my mother would then convince my principal to let me use the school fees for my dance classes. I wanted to go to a dance competition and at that time, my mother used to earn 200 rupees a day. She worked for a whole month, earned 1500 rupees and paid for my entrance fee into the competition. She always wanted me to pursue my dreams. I want to tell my mother a big thank you.  I have danced a lot for myself and for others, today I want to dance for my mother."   

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Ram Bist whose is 25 from Ludhiana, Punjab known for his breaking and open style is amongst the Behtereen 13 for India’s Best Dancer Season 3. He is amongst the most favorite of contestants of this season and enjoy dancing to the fullest. Praised by everyone on the sets, Ram will be seen performing this weekend with his mom to whom he has never seen since last 7 years and will be performing the same on Mother’s Day special occasion.   

The young dancer will also pay a tribute to his dear mother, dancing to the tune of 'Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai'. The performance will be so moving that it will leave everybody teary-eyed. Judge Sonali Bendre would tell Ram to not punish his parents like this anymore, and meet them frequently and not keep his mother waiting for another 7 years.