Lock Upp Day 31 written updates: Zeeshan Khan, Azma Fallah get into ugly spat, latter throws his shoes, spits on his bed

The fight took place between wildcard entry Zeeshan Khan and Azma Fallah after the latter tried to destroy his personal belongings. 

Lock Upp Day 31 written updates: Zeeshan Khan, Azma Fallah get into ugly spat, latter throws his shoes, spits on his bed

NEW DELHI: Housemates began discussing Will Smith and Chris Rock's Oscar slap incident. Payal Rohatgi and Shivam Sharma support Will Smith's act saying there should be a limit to humour. 

Munawar Faruqui asks if slapping at Oscar is not violence. Payal says 'kisi ke religion pe jao to', in an indirect jibe at Munawar. 

The stand-up comedian objects to her remark and calls her out. Payal appears to be unapologetic. 

Azma and Mandana Karimi get into a nok jhonk with each other over stolen coins. 

Housemates are given a 'rope' task. During the task, Anjali and Poonam get into an argument and Anjali leaves the task and enters the barrack. She tries stealing Orange team's coins but is interrupted by Payal Rohatgi. 

Orange team wins the 'Rope' task and gets rewarded with noodles. 

During a discussion, Mandana and Zeeshan talk about Azma. Zeesan says he finds Azma's behaviour as 'bipolar'. Nisha raises an objection to it and leaves the conversation. Azma tries to ignite Nisha by following her in the bathroom. 

Azma steals Zeeshan's shoes and throws it in dunkyard. Agitated by it, Zeeshan throws her trunk in the dunkyard and picks up his shoes. He warns her not to mess with him or else he will make her taste her own medicine. 

Azma picks up garbage-filled bag from kitchen and tries to spill it over Zeeshan's belongings, but gets stopped by him. She then spits on his bed. Zeeshan says 'she is a dirt in the society'. 

Nisha and Mandana too get into an argument after the latter claims that she is supporting Azma. Nisha blasts Mandana says she talks through one's hat. 

Nisha takes a u-turn that she did not spit on his bed. Zeeshan calls her 'scum class'. 

Azma and Ali Merchant get into an argument after she steps on his pillow, thinking it was of Zeeshan's. She comments on his past relationships and brings Sara Khan into discussion. She says it is his Ali's behaviour why Sara left her. 

Mandana blasts Munawar and Anjali for laughing at Azma's comments. She breaks into tears. 

The guard asks teams to present their coins. Blue team announces that they have 334 coins, which includes 10 stolen coins. 

Orange team announces they have 307 coins. 

Guards announces auction of players and Munawar and Payal are captains of two teams. 

Payal gets Shivam, Mandana and Zeeshan in her team. 

Munawar gets Nitin, Poonam, Anjali, Ali Merchant and Azma in his team. 

Azma, Nisha and Poonam get into chargesheet.

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