Zombie Virus Revived: Unlock the UNTOLD chapter in history HERE! Scientists claim 'They remained infectious DESPITE...'

Zombie Virus Revived in Russia: French scientists have found a 48,500-year-old zombie virus again (zombie virus found in Russia). This virus was found from a frozen lake in Russia (Zombie virus in Siberia lake). If it spreads, it is feared that a pandemic may be created all over the world.

Zombie Virus Revived: Unlock the UNTOLD chapter in history HERE! Scientists claim 'They remained infectious DESPITE...'

Those who lost their lives, survived. For those who survived, the situation became even worse. It's like living like a 'Zombie' all your life. No, I'm not talking about a fairy tale. The episode of the 'Zombie' originated in Haiti in the 17th and 18th centuries when African slaves were brought in to work on sugar plantations under the rule of France. The slaves believed that if they ended their own lives by suicide, they would be condemned to spend eternity trapped in their own bodies as the undead.

Zombie: An Untold Chapter

However, the 'Zombie' epidemic, an untold chapter in history, began 48,500 years back. Although, scientists claim now, a virus, which turns people into living corpses, was found in seven ice-covered regions in Siberia. Melting of thousands-year-old ice sheets, or permafrost, due to climate change may pose new threats to humans. Scientists have been saying this for a long time. They said they found more than two dozen viruses that could pose a serious threat. And in this list there are some viruses, which are named 'Zombie' viruses. These viruses were deposited at the bottom of a lake. They are more than 48,500 years old. That's what scientists say. Some European scientists have obtained some samples from the permafrost of the Siberian region of Russia, which they have tested to find out the existence of this virus.

Stay Careful

After more than a year of wreaking havoc, the corona virus has finally calmed down. And at this time, people's memories have come back again and again about some terrible epidemics in history. Scientists revived and identified 13 new pathogens. They are called 'Zombie Viruses'. According to the researchers, they remained infectious for a long time despite living in frozen ice for thousands of years. Scientists have long warned that warming permafrost is causing already-trapped greenhouse gases like methane to re-disperse. These are going to cause huge damage to the environment. But information about its effect on latent pathogens is still scarce. But scientists say to be careful.

Fear of Danger

Research teams in Russia, Germany and France say there is currently no risk of reviving the virus they studied. Because these bacteria could once infect only amoeba bacteria. Viruses that can infect animals or humans are very troubling things. In this case, no example of fear has been found yet. As the permafrost melts further, the danger will increase.

Zombie Virus In India

Till now there are no traces of the 'Zombie' virus in India.

Scientists say these viruses may be released into the environment as more of the ancient permafrost melts. That said, it's still impossible to predict how soon the virus can become contagious, how to prevent it, and how often a person can be infected. But scientists claim that the risk of new infections will increase as a result of global warming. The permafrost will continue to melt more and, as a result, more people will settle in the Arctic due to the ice melting.

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