'Hey Chota Bro': Anand Mahindra Responds To Temjen Imna Along's Comment On Thar.e

Mahindra Group's Chairman Anand Mahindra addressed the post by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Temjen Imna Along about the Thar.e electric vehicle concept.

'Hey Chota Bro': Anand Mahindra Responds To Temjen Imna Along's Comment On Thar.e Image for representation

On August 17, 2023, Nagaland Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Temjen Imna Along posted a picture of Mahindra Thar.e on X (Twitter) sharing his views on the same. The Indian politician also tagged the Mahindra Group chairman in his post. It is to be noted that the electric SUV made its global debut on August 15 and is the electrified version of the outgoing Mahindra Thar lifestyle SUV.

Sharing the post on X, BJP leader Temjen Imna Along, praised the SUV. In the caption of the post, he called Anand Mahindra "Big Bro", while also appreciating the new SUV. He wrote, "ye toh next level hai," which translates to, "this is next level." He added, "Kudos to your team."

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The post by the BJP leader got the attention of industrialist Anand Mahindra, who responded to his appreciation with an affectionate comment, calling Temjen "Cho Bro (Chota Bro)." In his post, Anand Mahindra, wrote, "Hey Cho Bro (Chota Bro) @AlongImna Aakhir aapke level tak pahunch gaye!" Which translates to, "Finally, reached your level." The businessman also promised Temjen a ride in the Thar.e when it is launched in India. He said, "When this is launched, will take you for a spin in it…"

The new Mahindra Thar.e will be built on the INGLO-P1 EV platform used by the Indian carmaker. For the SUV, the platform will guarantee a sizable battery pack while maintaining its lightweight. The Thar.e will be equipped with all-wheel drive and higher ground clearance. Mahindra disclosed that the Thar.e electric concept SUV will have a wheelbase that varies from 2,776 mm to 2,976 mm and a roughly 300 mm ground clearance.

In terms of looks, the Thar.e differs noticeably from the current Thar SUVs available on the Indian market. The front end has updated LED headlamps with a square shape, and the grille has LED bars that resemble the automaker's distinctive slat design. The concept EV is notable for having a sturdy front bumper and noticeable Thar.e badging on the blacked-out grille. The car is also equipped with large all-terrain wheels.

The upcoming electric SUV's anticipated range and specific battery capacity have not been disclosed by Mahindra. The manufacturer hasn't officially set a release date either. According to industry forecasts, Thar electric SUV manufacturing might begin as early as 2025.