Disaster averted after IndiGo flight suffers engine failure mid-air, lands safely at Kanpur Airport

Indore-bound IndiGo flight suffered engine failure, forcing it to land in Kanpur, therefore averting any major mishap.

Disaster averted after IndiGo flight suffers engine failure mid-air, lands safely at Kanpur Airport

An Indore-bound IndiGo flight made an emergency landing at Chakeri Airport in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, after the engine of the aircraft suffered a technical failure. However, IndiGo has arranged another aircraft for the passengers to continue with their journey to Indore. As reported by ANI, a technical snag cropped up on the aircraft, which resulted in the emergency landing that averted a major crisis. This was a chartered flight, which was carrying cricketers to Indore, after the road safety cricket series got over on September 15. However, another chartered flight was arranged to fly cricketers to Indore.

The incident also disturbed the take-off and landing schedules of other flights. Another flight coming from Mumbai had to wait for a long time to land in Kanpur, as the runway got occupied by the IndiGo flight. Also, passengers set to fly to Bengaluru and Mumbai got agitated as their flights were cancelled. Also, a discussion on making them fly via the Lucknow airport is also being considered.

Well, this is the second incident to be reported today, as a Cochin-bound Air India Express flight suffered a technical glitch, resulting in billowing smoke, forcing the occupants to evacuate the flight via emergency slides.

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"A DGCA official said that during taxiing for takeoff, engine number two experienced smoke and fire. An appropriate Checklist was completed after the incident. Slides were deployed, and all passengers and Crew were evacuated on the taxiway and all of them were safe, and no injuries reported," said the official, adding that passengers have been transported to the terminal building.

Based on the reports, the Indian aviation watchdog authority DGCA will probe the incident while alternate arrangements are being made for the passengers to bring them from Muscat to Cochin.