Bigg Boss 9: Rochel, Rishabh win 'Shikayatein' task, make vote appeal at mall

Rochelle and Rishabh win Shikayatein task and get an opportunity to make vote appeal to their fans directly.

Bigg Boss 9: Rochel, Rishabh win 'Shikayatein' task, make vote appeal at mall
Pic courtesy: @BiggBoss

The housemates of Bigg Boss woke up to 'Chalo ishq ladaye sanam' song, followed by 'Shikayatein' task where the inmates had to give a personal reason or shikva and then had to vacate the test tube of the respective contestant. 

A bell was hung in the garden area along with the coloured test tubes. Whoever rings the bell first after the buzzer, gets an opportunity to empty any one contestant's test tube, by giving a personal reason. At the end of the day, the two contestants with maximum number of test tubes left will the task.
Here, we saw Prince vacated Mandana's test tubes by stating that she gets personal and taunts people without realising that it hurts.

Later, Rishabh vacated Prince's test tube stating that he was hurt once when he misbehaved with Priya who was his good friend. This makes Rochelle and Rishabh the winners of the 'Shikayatein' task.

Later in the day, the winners got an opportunity to meet their fans in a mall and make vote appeal in person. The winning contenders and even the crowd was filled with excitement and they voted for their favourite contender in abundance. Mean while, Prince and Mandana were left alone in the house and they end up talking to each other.