From 'Decade of Scams and Violence' to 'Opposition Unity', Top Quotes of PM Narendra Modi's Lok Sabha Speech

Top Quotes of PM Narendra Modi's Lok Sabha Speech: PM Narendra Modi on Wednesday attacked Congress over the 2G and the CWG scams. The PM said that from 2004-2014, India's economy was in the doldrums, and inflation was in the double digits. 

From 'Decade of Scams and Violence' to 'Opposition Unity', Top Quotes of PM Narendra Modi's Lok Sabha Speech

NEW DELHI: In a stinging attack on the Opposition, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said the trust reposed by crores of people was his protective shield which cannot be breached by abuse and allegations from his detractors. Replying to the debate on the Motion of Thanks on the President's Address in Lok Sabha, PM Modi said the world was looking at India with hope amid instability in some parts of the globe due to the once-in-a-century pandemic and conflicts.

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi had on Tuesday made serious allegations against the BJP government at the Centre over the Hindenburg report on the Adani Group. During his speech, the Congress Wayanad MP alleged that the meteoric rise in Gautam Adani's fortunes happened after the BJP came to power in 2014 as he rose in the global rich list from the 609th to the second spot eventually. 

The Budget Session of Parliament has been stormy so far over the serious allegations made by the US short-seller Hindenburg Research against the Adani Group. The Congress-led Opposition has been demanding an inquiry into the allegations levelled by the Hindenburg Research firm against the Adani Group. The opposition parties have alleged that the sharp decline in stocks of the Adani Group is a 'mega scam' that involves common people's money as public sector LIC and SBI have invested in them and have questioned the government on steps taken by it.

Here are the key Highlights of PM Modi's Speech: -


''Our priority is to work for the welfare of deprived, poor, tribals; that is our mission.''

''Trust of crores of people is my protective shield, it can't be breached by your abuses, allegations.''

"Some people who are neck deep in frustration refuse to accept India's growth story. They cannot see the achievements of 140 crore Indians. Modi has come to their help in times of crisis. How will they agree with your abuses and allegations."

"People trust in Modi not due to newspaper headlines or TV visuals but due to my years of dedication in the service of the people." 

''Not just Harvard, all big universities of the world will conduct studies on Congress' downfall.''

''ED has brought all Opposition parties together on one platform, it has done what electorate could not do.''

"When you lose elections, blame the EVMs, criticise the Election Commission, if the Supreme Court does not give a favourable verdict, criticise the apex court."

''If Army shows bravery, they criticise it; if probe agencies act against graft, they attack them.''

"If corruption is being probed, abuse the investigative agencies. If the Army displays valour, abuse the armed forces, level allegations against them. When there is talk of economic progress, criticise the RBI."

'India emerging as a manufacturing hub, the world sees its prosperity in India's growth but some people don't want to accept it.''

"There were two-three decades of instability; now there is political stability in the country, a decisive government is in place.''

''UPA's trademark was to let every opportunity turn into a crisis from 2004-2014.''

"In the past nine years, compulsive criticism has replaced constructive criticism. The decade before 2014 will always be remembered as 'The Lost Decade', but the decade of 2030 is India's decade." 

"No one can forget the attacks of 2008. The lack of courage in acting against terrorism led to a bloodbath and the loss of lives of our innocent citizens. It's synonymous with the UPA's misrule."

"There is positivity, hope, and confidence in the world about India; hosting G20 matter of pride but some people are irked by it.''

"Leaders spoke on President's address as per their interest, nature but their utterances also reflect their capability, capacity, intent.''

"I am happy no one criticised President's address, they accepted what was said."

"President Droupadi Murmu's address to Parliament was an inspiration for everyone. The President has shown us the way".

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