Heavy rain, cold at Delhi border cause inconvenience to protesting farmers

The farmers at the Delhi border continue their protest despite the cold and the downpour

Heavy rain, cold at Delhi border cause inconvenience to protesting farmers
Credit: IANS

Ghazipur: Farmers who are protesting against the three farm laws are now facing the wrath of the rains amid the chilling cold weather at various borders of the national capital. The early morning rains on Sunday have further aggravated the problems of the farmers.

The tents put up by the farmers are filled with rain water and the blankets used by them have also turned wet. The Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR) on Sunday morning received a lot of rainfall. While the farmers camping at the Ghazipur border were battling the cold winds on one side, the sudden lashing of rains have left them doubly aggrieved.

Women, children and elderly farmers sitting at the borders had to bear the brunt of the rains. The rains have washed away the various arrangements made by the farmers. While the protesting farmers were preparing on how to tackle the rains on one side, they also struggled to save food items for themselves at the border.

Speaking on the morning rain lashing the Ghazipur border and the current condition of farmers, Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) national spokesperson Rakesh Tikait said the situation at the border was similar to the rain water falling down from the mountains. Farmers have pitched their tents here and have been living here for the last one month.

"I appeal to the farmer brethren that the farmers coming to the Ghazipur border must bring polythene, tarpaulin and other things to cover their tractors from the rains," he said.

However, when the rains halted, the `langar seva` was started again. On the one hand some protesting farmers are looking for ways to avoid the rain, while some are engaged in helping other fellow farmers.

A protesting farmer at the Ghazipur border said that the rain is the divine will and the farmers and the divine are the only two supreme powers.

Some young farmers are draining the water and mud in the tents with the help of wipers.


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