Meghalaya Assembly Election Results 2023: CHECK Full List Of Winners, Constituency-Wise Winning Candidates Of BJP, Congress, NPP, TMC

Meghalaya Assembly Election Results 2023: In Meghalaya, vote counting has begun under tight security at 13 sites (12 district headquarters and 1 sub-division). Out of 59 assembly constituencies, 25 have been secured by the National People's Party (NPP) and it is also leading in 1 seats. BJP has won 2 seats while Congress has won 5 seats.

  • Vote counting is underway in 13 locations amidst tight security.
  • On February 27, approximately 77.9% of the electorate in Meghalaya utilised their right to vote.
  • Three exit surveys indicate that the NPP will take home about 20 of the 59 seats up for election in Meghalaya.

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Meghalaya Assembly Election Results 2023: CHECK Full List Of Winners, Constituency-Wise Winning Candidates Of BJP, Congress, NPP, TMC

Meghalaya Assembly Election Results 2023: The ruling National People's Party (NPP) in Meghalaya emerged as the single-largest party in the state on Thursday, clinching 26 seats out of the 59 constituencies that went to polls on February 27, the Election Commission said.
However, it fell short of gaining a majority in the 60-member assembly, even as Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said his Meghalaya counterpart Conrad K Sangma sought the support of Union Home Minister Amit Shah in forming the new government.

The BJP, which had brought star campaigners, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, party chief J P Nadda and Shah, managed to win only two seats. The United Democratic Party (UDP), which was NPP's ally in the Sangma government, emerged the second-largest party, winning 11 constituencies. It had won only six seats in the 2018 polls.

The Congress and the Mamata Banerjee-led TMC won five seats each. The newly formed Voice of the People Party (VPP) won four seats, while the Hill State People's Democratic Party (HSPDP), the People's Democratic Front won two seats each. Two Independent candidates also emerged victorious.

Meghalaya Election Results 2023 Live Updates

Performance of Top Contenders

Meghalaya Chief Minister Conard K Sangma is leading from the South Tura assembly constituency.

NPP has won 26 seats out of 59 in Meghalaya.

Meghalaya CM Conard Sangma won from the South Tura assembly constituency.

Exit Poll Survey

As per the exit poll trends 27% of voters cast their franchise for NPP while BJP has got nearly 18% of votes. Congress's vote share is 7%, TMC- 19%, PDF- 4% and UDP-9%.

Exit polls predicted- 21-26 seats for NPP, 8-13 TMC, BJP- 6-12 seats, and for Congress 3-6 seats.

Full List Of Winners, Seat-Wise Winning Candidates Of BJP, Congress, NPP, TMC

S.NO Constituency Name Winning Candidate’s Name and Party Name
1 Nartiang (ST) Sniawbhalang Dhar- NPP-Won
2 Jowai (ST) Walmiki Shylla- NPP- Won
3 Raliang (ST) Coming One Ymbon- NPP-Won
4 Mowkaiaw (ST) Nujorki Sungoh- UDP- Won
5 Sutnga Saipung(ST) Santa Mary Shylla-NPP-Won 
6 Khliehriat (ST) Kyrmen Shylla- UDP-Won
7 Amlarem (ST) Lakhmen Rembuyi- UDP-Won
8 Mawhati (ST) Charles Marangar-INC-Won
9 Nongpoh (ST) Mayralborn Syiem -UDP-Won
10 Jirang (ST) Sosthenes Southun- NPP-Won
11 Umsning (ST) Celestine Lyngdoh- INC-Won
12 Umroi (ST) Damanbait lamare- NPP-Won
13 Mawrengkneng(ST) Heaving Stone Kharpran-VPP-Won
14 Pynthorumkhrah Alexander Laloo Hek-BJP-Won
15 Mawlai (ST) Brightstarwell Marbaniang- VPP-Won
16 East Shillong(ST) Mazel A Lyngdoh -NPP-Won
17 North Shillong(ST) Aodelbert Nongrum-VPP-Won
18 West Shillong Paul Lyndoh-UDP-Won
19 South Shillong Shanbor Sullai -BJP-Won 
20 Mylliem (ST) Ronnie V Lyndoh- INC-Won
21 Nongthymmai(ST) Charles Pyngrope- TMC-Won
22 Nongkrem (ST) Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit- VPP-Won
23 Sohiong (ST)  Elections to be held.
24 Mawphlang (ST) Matthew Beyondstar Kurbah- UDP-Won
25 Mawsynram(ST) Ollan Singh Suin- UDP-Won
26 Shella (ST) Balajied Kupar Synrem-UDP-Won
27 Pynursla (ST) Prestone Tynsong- NPP-Won
28 Sohra (ST) Gavin Miguel Mylliem-PDF-Won
29 Mawkynrew(ST) Banteidor Lyngdoh- PDF-Won
30 Mairang (ST) Maitbah Lyngdoh -UDP-Won
31 Mawthadraishan(ST) Shakliar Warjri- HSPDP-Won
32 Nongstoin (ST) Gabriel Wahlang -INC-Won
33 Rambrai-Jyrngam (ST) Remington G Momin- Independent-Won
34 Mawshynrut(ST) Methodius Dkhar- HSPDP-Won
35 Ranikor (ST) Pisu Marwien -UDP-Won
36 Mawkyrwat (ST) Reninkton Lyngdoh Tonghkhar- UDP-Won
37 Kharkutta (ST) Rupert Momin- NPP-Won
38 Mendipathar(ST) Marthon J Sangma- NPP-Won
39 Resubelpara(ST) Timothy D Shira- NPP-Won
40 Bajengdoba(ST) Pongseng Marak- NPP-Won
41 Songsak (ST) Mikul Sangma- TMC-Won
42 Rongjeng (ST) Jim M Sangma- NPP-Won
43 Williamnagar(ST) Marcuise N Marak- NPP-Won
44 Raksamgre (ST) Lymson D Sangma -NPP-Won
45 Tikrikilla (ST) Jimmy D Sangma- NPP-Won
46 Phulbari Abu Thaher Mondal-NPP-Won
47 Rajabala Mizanur Rehman- TMC-Won
48 Selsella (ST) Arbinstone B Marak-NPP-Won
49 Dadenggre (ST) Rupa M Marek- TMC-Won
50 North Tura (ST) Thomas A Sangma- NPP-Won
51 South Tura (ST) Conard K Sangma-NPP-Won
52 Rangsakona(ST) Subir Marak- NPP-Won
53 Ampati (ST) Miani D Shira- AITC-Won
54 Mahendraganj(ST) Sanjay A Sangama- NPP-Won
55 Salmanpara(ST) Ian BK Sangma- NPP-Won
56 Gambegre (ST) Saleng Sangma - INC-Won
57 Dalu (ST) Akki Sangma-BJP-Won
58 Rongara Siju(ST) Rakkam A Sangma- NPP-Won
59 Chokpot (ST) Sengchim N Sangma- NPP-Won
60 Baghmara (ST) Kartush Marak- Independent-Won

13 locations were put up by the Indian Election Commission to count the votes for Meghalaya. Security has been given for all counting centres in accordance with the protocols. The ECI protocols have been followed in providing three layers of protection.

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