Punjab State Lottery 02.02.2024 6 PM Result: DEAR 10 COPPER Lucky Draw - Check Full List Here

PUNJAB STATE LOTTERY 2024: The results for the Punjab State Lottery DEAR 10 COPPER Weekly draw scheduled for Friday, February 02, 2024, at 6 PM will be declared. Participants can verify their outcomes on the official website, Refer below for additional information

Punjab State Lottery 02.02.2024 6 PM Result: DEAR 10 COPPER Lucky Draw - Check Full List Here Punjab State lottery result

PUNJAB STATE LOTTERY 2024: The Punjab State Lottery offers individuals from diverse backgrounds a chance to test their luck and potentially win prizes through a government-organized lottery system. The lottery draws are conducted with fairness, ensuring a transparent and reliable experience for all participants.

Punjab State Lottery Scheme

Currently, the Punjab State Lotteries Directorate administers six annual Bumper Schemes, with draws held on significant festivals. Additionally, the Directorate is introducing a Monthly Lottery Scheme, featuring monthly draws. Further Lottery Products/Schemes, including Weekly Lottery Schemes, are also in the planning stages.

Punjab State Lottery Ticket Details

Weekly Lottery Ticket Price for Single Ticket 10

Monthly Lottery Ticket Price for Single Ticket 200, 100, 50 , 20

Bumper Lottery Ticket Price for Single Ticket 500

Tickets for the Punjab State Lottery can only be bought offline only

Punjab State Lottery Steps To Download Result 02.02.2024

Step 1: Go to the Punjab Lotteries official website-                        

Step 2: Select Result option

Step 3: Choose the lottery category and select "Check Result."

Step 4: Find DEAR 10 COPPER Ticket 02.02.2024

Step 5: Now match your lottery ticket number with winning number

How To Claim Prize for Punjab Lottery 

Under the terms of the scheme, the Distributor will distribute prizes up to Rs 10,000 on behalf of the State Government. Claims for prizes greater than Rs 10,000 must be sent in person or via insured parcel, registered mail, or nationalized bank to the Director of the Punjab State Lotteries office within 30 days of the results being published in the Punjab State Government Gazette. We won't accept tickets that have been altered, ripped, stolen, or tampered with.

The Punjab State lottery result is released daily at 6 pm and is also published on the Zee News website.


Participating in lotteries can be addictive, and it is important to engage responsibly. The information on this page is solely for informational purposes and should not be interpreted as advice or encouragement. Zee News does not endorse lotteries in any manner; make your decisions after careful consideration. This article is not a recommendation or advice to purchase lottery tickets.)