Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018: Top 10 quotes from PM Modi's rally in Mysuru

Here are top 10 quotes from PM Modi's rally in Karnataka 

Karnataka Assembly Elections 2018: Top 10 quotes from PM Modi's rally in Mysuru

SARTHEHALLI, KARNATAKA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday kicked off his five-day poll campaign for the upcoming Karnataka Assembly elections 2018 with a public address in  Santhemarahalli in Mysuru. The star BJP campaigner launched a fierce attack on Congress-led Opposition and chief Rahul Gandhi. Karnataka polls are scheduled to be held on May 12, with the counting on May 15. 

Here are top 10 quotes from PM Modi's rally:

1. He dared me. He claimed that if he speaks for 15 minutes I wouldn't be able to stand in front of him. You can speak English, you can speak Hindi, you may even be able to speak in your 'mother's tongue'. Speak in any language you want. I dare you to speak for 15 minutes without reading from a piece of paper. Speak for 15 minutes on your government's achievements over the last five year. If you can do that, the people of Karnatak (sic) will accept you.

2. Before I came here, I was told there is a 'wave' for the BJP in Karnataka. Now that I am here, I can tell you - it is much more than that. There is not a BJP wave in Karnataka but it is a BJP storm.

3. We are Kaamdaars. What is our level that we can sit with people like the Congress President, who look down on us.

4. In 2005, during the time of Smt. Sonia Gandhi's government, Dr. Manmohan Singh had said he will provide electricity to every village by 2009. What happened to that? In any case, we saw how the Congress treated Dr. Manmohan Singh. They tore off ordinances and disrespected him.

5. Those who keep abusing us day and night do not tell why there are still 4 crore households without electricity. We have vowed to electrify these 4 crore households through ‘Saubhagya Yojana’.

6. It is the NDA government that is working to transform the lives of farmers. The farmers of Karnataka are benefitting from the various initiatives of the central government.

7. In Karnataka there is no law, there is no order. The Lokayukta is not safe, how can the common people be safe.

8. There is 2+1 formula which being practiced in Karnataka, it is a version of the Congress's family politics in Karnataka. 

9. BS Yeddyurappa is the hope of the people of Karnataka and he is going to be the next chief minister of the state.

10. Congress today is led by people who have knowledge about the country's history, or know the national song Vande Mataram or have any clue about what their party members say.