Self-goal? Congress' Tariq Anwar targets PM Modi over 'dynasty' issue, Twitter returns fire

Tariq Anwar attempted to insult PM Narendra Modi by saying that he does not come from a dynasty and that he should, therefore, refrain from making comments in this regard.

  • In a blog, PM Modi took a stand against dynastic politics. He wrote India voted for honesty over dynasty in 2014.
  • Tariq Anwar attempted to return fire. "How can one who does not come from a dynasty say this?"
  • Anwar also asked for one profession which does not encourage dynasty. Twitter cited professions by the dozen.

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Tariq Anwar wanted to know one profession where dynasty isn't encouraged. Twitter gave him countless.

The Congress leader had attempted to target Prime Minister Narendra Modi after he wrote in a blog that honesty - and not dynasty - works in politics. "Narendra Modi ji is saying this as he does not come from a dynasty. How can one who does not come from a dynasty say this? Tell me one profession where dynasty is not encouraged," he told news agency ANI.



Anwar's rather rhetoric question was called out on social media with many listing out professions where dynasty is indeed not encouraged.













There were also many on the micro-blogging site who accused Anwar - who had returned to Congress fold from NCP last year - of being a 'blind supporter of Congress' dynastic politics.'

The BJP itself has long targeted Congress for choosing dynasty over merit, capabilities and political acumen. PM Modi, and several of his party leaders, has referred to Rahul Gandhi as shehzada (prince) to highlight that he is at the helm of his party due to his surname and not talent.