Lok Sabha Election 2019: Exit poll predicts massive win for BJP in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan

In Madhya Pradesh, the voting took place for 29 Lok Sabha seats in four phases--April 29,  May 6, May 12 and May 19. 

Lok Sabha Election 2019: Exit poll predicts massive win for BJP in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan

The exit poll predictions of 2019 Lok Sabha elections in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan suggested a massive win for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in all the three states. 

Various pollsters and news channels - Today's Chanakya, Republic-CVoter, ABP-CSDS, News18-IPSOS, India Today-Axis, Times Now-CNX, NewsX-Neta - released their exit poll results after the conclusion of the seventh and the final phase of Lok Sabha election 2019 on Sunday at 6 pm. 

While the results of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections will come out only on May 23, the exit poll results have somewhat given any idea of the number of seats different parties are likely to win when the counting of votes takes place and the results are declared.

As per the data released by Today's Chanakya, the BJP is sweeping Madhya Pradesh with 27 of the total 29 seats, while the saffron party is likely to settled between 26 to 28 seats according to Aajtak-Axis exit poll. 

Congress, on the other hand, might have to settle between one to three seats, the exit poll predicted. 

The situation is quite similar in Rajasthan, with the BJP expected to win a minimum of 22 seats out of the total 25 Lok Sabha seats. 

While Aajtak-Axis predicted that the Congress would settle with two states in Rajasthan, India TV-CNX exit poll suggested that the UPA would bag four seats in the state. 

As far as Chhattisgarh is concerned, the BJP will gain a majority with a minimum of six seats, according to ABP-CSDS and Rebuplic CVoter. Congress might have to settle with three to four seats. 

Here are the exit poll predictions for Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan :

# Today's Chanakya Exit poll said the BJP and its allies are expected to sweep Madhya Pradesh with 27 of the total 29 seats. 

# According to Republic-CVoter for Chhattisgarh, NDA to get six seats. Jan Ki Baat predicts 5 to 6 seats for the NDA.

# Republic-CVoter for Rajasthan predicts 22 seats for NDA and just three seats for UPA. 

# ABP-CSDS for Chhattisgarh projects BJP will gain a majority with six seats. Congress to settle for with five seats. 

# IndiaToday-Axis's post-poll survey suggests that the BJP is most likely to gain 26-28 seats in Madhya Pradesh. 

# According to Republic-Jan ki Baat, NDA to win 24 seats in Madhya Pradesh while Jan ki Baat gives 21 to 24 Lok Sabha seats to NDA. 

# In Madhya Pradesh, ABP-CSDS predicts BJP will bag 24 out of 29 Lok Sabha seats. Congress may snap the remaining five seats. 

# ABP-CSDS says BJP is likely to win 19 seats in Rajasthan, while Congress is expected to settle with the remaining six seats. 

# Today’s Chanakya predicts the majority for BJP in Chhattisgarh as well with a total of nine seats. Congress is likely to get just two seats in the state. 

# News 18-IPSOS is indicating a massive victory for BJP in Rajasthan with 22-23 seats going to the saffron party. Congress will get just two to three seats. 

# In Rajasthan, India TV-CNX says BJP will come to power with 21 seats. Congress will settle for just four seats.  

# India TV-CNX predicts the majority for Congress in Chattisgarh with six seats, while BJP will fall short of just one seat to settle for five. 

# In Rajasthan, Aajtak-Axis says BJP will win with 23 to 25 seats, while just two seats are likely to go to Congress.

# Aajtak-Axis predicts BJP will win 7 to 8 seats in Chhattisgarh. Congress will bag three to four seats in the state, while others will have to face disappointment. 

# According to Aajtak-Axis, BJP will bag 26-28 seats in Madhya Pradesh, while Congress will win 1 to 3 seats in the state. 

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In Madhya Pradesh, the voting took place for 29 Lok Sabha seats in four phases--April 29,  May 6, May 12 and May 19.

Madhya Pradesh recorded a total voter's turnout of 74.90 percent when it first went to poll in the fourth phase. While the total number of electors were 10545823, the voter's turnout recorded was 7898351 in five seats-- Balaghat, Chhindwara, Jabalpur, Mandla, Shahdol and Sidhi.

In the fifth phase, Madhya Pradesh recorded 69.14 percent voter's turnout, with a total number of electors being 11937625, while the voter's turnout was 8253634. 

In the sixth phase of election in the state, eight Lok Sabha seats namely Morena, Bhind, Gwalior, Guna, Sagar, Vidisha, Bhopal, and Rajgarh went to polls and recorded 65.24 percent voter's turnout. The voting for the remaining eight Lok Sabha seats in the state took place during the seventh and final phase of election on Sunday. 

Chhattisgarh, meanwhile, went to pole for 11 Lok Sabha seats in three phases on phase one (April 11), phase two (April 18) and phase three (April 23).The state recorded the highest voting per cent during the second phase when it recorded 74.95 per cent voter's turnout. 

In Rajasthan, the voting took place in two phases on fourth (April 29) and fifth (May 6) phase for 25 Lok Sabha seats. The state recorded the highest voter turnout of 68.17 per cent during the fourth phase. 

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