Black is back: This is why you should drink black tea for good health!

Tea in black form is a healthier option than normal tea.

Udita Madan

Winters are around the corner which means that longer nights, shorter and lazy days spent with woollies and warm comforters lie ahead.

This also means increased consumption of hot beverages like tea and coffee.

Even though, tea and coffee are the global beverages for mornings and winter season, tea is usually agreed upon as being the healthier of the two.

But, what if we told you that tea in black form is a healthier option than normal tea? If you're already a black tea drinker, then you're actually consuming a cup of health! And for those who are not, this is definitely your cup of tea!

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Listed below are a few points on why black tea is good for you, especially in the coming winter months!

1. Good for skin:

A major health benefit of black tea is that it can help you acquire healthy skin. The antioxidants can help you keep acne at bay. However, too much of black tea may cause harm to the skin rather than helping it.

2. Good for hair:

Black Tea can also be good for your hair. Just like it supports skin health, black tea can enhance your overall hair health as well.

3. Prevents Parkinson's:

Black tea may also be helpful in reducing the risk of Parkinson's disease, particularly among smokers. To reduce the risk of the disease, men are required to consume between 421 and 2,716 milligrams of caffeine every day whereas in women, the risk of Parkinson's seems to be reduced regardless of how much black tea is consumed on a daily basis.

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4. Digestion issues:

Black tea has tannins and other useful chemicals in abundance that help in soothing the digestive system. The anti-inflammatory qualities of black tea are very effective in curing digestive disorders.

5. Diarrhoea:

The tannins in black tea have wonderful healing effect on intestinal disorders. It offers quick benefits and therefore, diarrhoea patients are often advised to sip on black tea for maximum benefits.

6. Cancer:

The powerful antioxidants of black tea can help reduce the risk of many different cancers. Regular consumption of black tea lowers the risks of developing cancers of the stomach, colon, lungs, ovaries and the breasts. However, consuming tea alone won't help much. It can only support appropriate cancer treatment.

7. High cholesterol:

Studies reveal that consumption of black tea on a regular basis can reduce bad cholesterol levels, thereby reducing the risk of heart strokes and fatal attacks. Sip on black tea for improved cholesterol levels.

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8. Healthy heart:

Consumption of black tea regularly by heart patients can even help them repair the coronary artery dysfunctions. Therefore, people who drink black tea everyday have a decreased risk of developing cardiovascular diseases in future.

9. Asthma:

Asthmatic conditions are often relieved by hot and brewed liquids. Black tea tops the list as it helps in expanding the air passage, thus allowing patients to breathe more easily.

10. Good for brain:

Black tea offers less amount of caffeine which promotes blood flow in the brain without any side effects to the heart. The moderate amount of caffeine in black tea supports mental focus and enhances concentration.    

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