Man Of Masses NTR Jr Leaves Crew In Awe With Lightning-Fast Speed On 'RRR' Sets

The Man of Masses NTR jr will soon be seen in Devara part 1 which will release on 10th October 2024

Man Of Masses NTR Jr Leaves Crew In Awe With Lightning-Fast Speed On 'RRR' Sets (Image : Instagram )

Man of Masses NTR Jr has always been known for his magnetic on-screen presence and phenomenal acting skills. However, it's not just his remarkable performances that impress audiences; his dedication to fitness also ensures he remains energetic and fit both on and off-screen.

In RRR, audiences lauded his acting prowess and thrilling action sequences, but one scene, in particular, continues to give viewers goosebumps, his entry scene. However, are you aware of the backstory behind this iconic scene?

Recently in an interview with a leading portal, renowned cinematographer Senthil Kumar shared an exciting behind-the-scenes anecdote from the sets of RRR. 

In the interview Senthil Kumar unveiled a surprising revelation about NTR Jr's speed, comparing it to that of wolves and tigers. Recounting a sequence where NTR Jr's character is shown outrunning a tiger, "We were doing NTR's introduction sequence where he is supposed to run when the fox, wolf, and tiger are chasing.

We told him that you have to run from here to here, and the camera is supposed to be following you. The moment we said 'Action,' NTR Jr was already there, and we were still figuring out how to move the camera."

"It was something I had never realized – that he could run so fast. Then I asked him how he was able to run so fast! He said, 'I am a national-level badminton player.' 

Kumar added, “We had to make ourselves fit to match NTR’s steps.”