Cardi B warns little girls not to smoke to look cool

One of the images showed the teenager Cardi lighting up a cigarette while holding a bag.

Nov 05, 2019, 09:16 AM IST

Deaths due to air pollution highest in Rajasthan: Experts

Pointing to measures to curb the pollution, Jaipur Mayor Vishnu Lata said, "We have decided to plant 50,000 trees and run electric buses in the city to arrest the rising level of pollution.

Aug 08, 2019, 17:20 PM IST

Most cancers can be cured if detected early: Minister

Members suggested raising tax on tobacco items, ensuring affordable treatment and setting up early detection centres at districts to battle cancer which they said had emerged as a major killer in the country.

Aug 01, 2019, 17:07 PM IST

Smoking marijuana may lead non-smokers to cigarettes

According to the researchers, cannabis use is associated with an increased initiation of cigarette smoking among non-cigarette smokers.

Mar 28, 2018, 15:38 PM IST

Which is worse – E-cigarettes or conventional cigarettes?

According to the recently published study, people who have been wanting to quit cigarettes can also switch to ENDS which is gradually much lesser harmful.

Jan 08, 2018, 14:20 PM IST

Cigars as harmful as cigarettes, says study

Researchers find that the level of nicotine found in small cigar smoke is similar to or greater than cigarette smoke.

Nov 23, 2017, 14:10 PM IST

Women find it harder to quit smoking, study explains why

The researchers set up a 13-week experiment during which they administered nicotine-infused water to mice.

Nov 02, 2017, 12:32 PM IST

Vapes, e-cigarettes as bad as cigarettes: Study

New research challenges the concept that switching to e-cigarettes is a healthier alternative.

Oct 22, 2017, 19:15 PM IST

Tobacco rules must not discriminate against cigarettes: ITC

ITC has said tobacco regulation should not be discriminatory to the cigarette industry, while asserting that the FMCG major has no plans to exit the segment despite its ongoing diversification.

Sep 12, 2017, 17:09 PM IST

E-cigarette ban: Experts warn of harmful consequences for smokers – Read

Some states in India, including Jammu and Kashmir, Karnataka, Punjab, Maharashtra and Kerala, have prohibited sales of e-cigarettes, while tobacco cigarettes remain legal.

Sep 03, 2017, 17:02 PM IST

E- cigarettes can help you kick the butt – Read

The findings revealed that the probability of quitting cigarettes was three times higher among daily e-cigarette users compared to those who never tried e-cigarettes.

Aug 17, 2017, 16:50 PM IST

GST Council hikes cess on cigarette to offset makers' windfall

The GST Council on Monday hiked cess on cigarettes to take away the "windfall" manufacturers were reaping due to an anomaly that crept in after the GST rate fixation, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said on Monday.

Jul 17, 2017, 20:45 PM IST

Sikh stabbed to death in US for refusing to sell cigarettes

Jagjeet Singh, who was a clerk at the Hatch Food and Gas convenience store, came to the US 18 months ago and stayed with his sister and brother-in-law in Modesto.

May 08, 2017, 22:00 PM IST

Smokers rejoice! E-cigarettes can help you kick the butt

The study suggest that e-cigarettes may provide a safer alternative to smokers than the traditional cigarettes.

Apr 28, 2017, 18:14 PM IST

Items getting costlier and cheaper from April 1 – Here's the list

From the next fiscal year, that is from today, a lot of things of your daily needs as well as things of your comfort are going to get dearer.

Apr 01, 2017, 11:40 AM IST

Researchers come up with method to measure potentially damaging cigarette smoke radicals

Cigarette smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Mar 30, 2017, 16:51 PM IST

E-cigarettes may increase risk of cardiovascular diseases, says study

E-cigarettes may not be as harmless as believed, but a new study has revealed that regular vapers may increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Feb 03, 2017, 16:14 PM IST

Budget 2017 impact: Cigarettes, tobacco, mobiles assembled in India to turn dearer

Smokers and tobacco consumers will have to pay more for their indulgence as Finance Minister Arun Jaitley continued with the crackdown on cigarettes, bidis and tobacco products by increasing taxes in the Budget 2017-18.

Feb 01, 2017, 17:56 PM IST

E-cigarettes may be luring low-risk youth to tobacco

E-cigarettes -- seen as responsible for a decline in cigarette smoking among the youth -- are actually attracting a new population of adolescents who might not otherwise have smoked tobacco products, researchers warned.

Jan 24, 2017, 00:03 AM IST

Vapers urge WHO to back safer products for smokers

Vapers on Wednesday called on the World Health Organisation to allow the world's one billion smokers to have equal access to safer alternatives to cigarettes such as the electronic cigarettes they smoke.

Nov 09, 2016, 20:23 PM IST