Amazon's Echo speakers get smarter, will now be able to detect people in a room

Amazon Echo and Echo Dot speakers can now detect people in a room using ultrasound waves. 

Amazon's Echo speakers get smarter, will now be able to detect people in a room
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New Delhi: Amazon Echo and Echo Dot have now become smarter than ever, as the smart speakers can now detect the people present in a room using ultrasound technology. 

The speakers will now be able to turn off other connected smart devices such as a light or Fire TV upon detecting no presence of a human in a room. Amazon had first announced the upcoming Echo speaker feature during its September fall hardware event.  

According to a report by The Verge, the Echo and Echo Dot fourth-gen speakers are now capable of emitting an "inaudible ultrasound wave" that can detect if there are people present in a room. 

Echo and Echo Dot buyers can enable or disable the feature using the Alexa app. The feature is listed under the Motion Detection in the Alexa app settings for each compatible Echo device. You can visit the setting to turn the capability on or off. 

Users can also set up occupancy routines to use the new feature to turn on lights when they enter a room and then off again when you leave the room empty. Customers can also use motion sensors to play Alexa play music or a radio station.

Amazon’s newer Echo Show devices also have a similar feature that uses motion-sensing technology to detect if people are in the room or not. However, the devices rely on their cameras, instead of ultrasound waves, to detect the presence of humans. On the other hand, the Echo speakers completely depend on ultrasound to detect human presence, as they don’t equip any cameras. Also Read: Children’s Day 2021: Check 5 insurance schemes by LIC, SBI Life, PNB to secure your child’s future


The Verge also reported that Google’s Nest smart displays and Nest Mini speakers also use ultrasound technology to detect how close a person is to the device. However, Google Nest users can’t trigger Google Home Routines using motions. Also Read: India on track to achieve historic highs in exports: Piyush Goyal 

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