Vayushakti 2019: IAF to demonstrate its indigenous firepower in Pokharan today

A wide array of fighters, transport, helicopters, remotely piloted vehicle and combat equipment will be part of the exercise. 

Vayushakti 2019: IAF to demonstrate its indigenous firepower in Pokharan today

POKHRAN: The Indian Air Force's (IAF) major exercise Vayushakti 2019 will take place on Saturday at Pokhran Air-to-Ground Armament Range near Jaisalmer in Rajasthan during which it will display its massive firepower. 

During the event, the IAF will showcase the prowess of its air-warriors and 'magnificent machines'. The full dress rehearsal of the Fire Power Demonstration (FPD) took place on Thursday.

A wide array of fighters, transport, helicopters, remotely piloted vehicle and combat equipment will be part of the exercise. They are as follows:


The IAF's Vayushakti 2019 is all set to witness a glimpse of Asia's top fighter jet Su-30MKI dropping HSLD bombs. 

The Su-30 MKI is a modern multi-role, air superiority fighter aircraft of Indian Air Force. The aircraft is capable of decimating adversaries in air or on the ground with the wide array of air to air and air to ground weapons.

"Conventional 1000 lbs class of bombs offer more drag, ARDE (DRDO) designed & developed high-speed low drag (HSLD) 450 kg bombs suitable for carriage on modern aircraft," the IAF posted on Facebook. 


The event will also see Mighty Mig-29 (Upgrade), the 4th generation air superiority fighter aircraft, showcasing its new capabilities for the first time. 

Mig-29 upgrade is a multi-role, air dominance fighter aircraft of IAF. It is upgraded to carry a veritable plethora of air to air, air to surface, precision-guided and standoff weapons along with air to air refuelling capability. 


The MiG-21, which is the most widely used fighter aircraft in the country, will also be seen in action at Vayushakti 2019. 

The MiG-21 Bison is a multi-role, all-weather air defence aircraft. The aircraft is equipped with modern Radar and Avionics systems and carries a mix of air to air and air to ground weapons. 


Manufactured by Dassault Aviation,  the Mirage-2000--a multi-role, single-engine, air defence fourth-generation fighter aircraft--will also showcase its power during the event in Jaisalmer on Saturday. 

The aircraft is employed in air defence and ground attack missions, with all-weather interception capability, with a full range of weapons and electronic warfare suite.


Vayushakti 2019 will also feature the An-32, a tactical light transport aircraft designed to operate in all weather conditions.

It is capable of operating from most demanding, hot and high altitude airfields. It features advanced cargo handling devices and a cargo door fitted with a ramp to ease loading and offloading of freight.

The IAF will also demonstrate its all-weather day-dusk-night operations at its exercise Vayushakti 2019.

"The 7th edition of the Fire Power Demonstration (FPD) of the Indian Air Force will showcase all weather day-dusk-night operations on 16 Feb at Pokhran range, Rajasthan," the IAF tweeted had tweeted earlier this week while sharing a video which gives a glimpse of the demonstration. 

According to reports, the exercise will take place in the presence of President Ram Nath Kovind, Prime Minister Modi and Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. 

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