Meet The Footballer Who Has A Net Worth More Than Messi, Ronaldo And Neymar Combined!

Faiq Bolkiah is the richest footballer in the world by a significant margin. Who is he? Where does he play? Get to know more about him here!

Meet The Footballer Who Has A Net Worth More Than Messi, Ronaldo And Neymar Combined!

Football is a global sport and is played by one and all. It is currently the biggest sport in the world. Football is currently the most viewed and most popular sport in the world. Footballers are global superstars due to the love and the fan attraction towards the game. The intense worldwide attention and the massive fan following have turned it into a prime business opportunity and this has turned the sport into a multi-billion dollar industry. The best footballers are also some of the richest people on the planet and influential figures. 

The Richest Footballer On The Planet 

When the conversation regarding the richest footballer on the planet is made, it is safe to assume that it would be either Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, or Neymar. In reality, these assumptions are far from reality and the richest footballer on the planet is Faiq Bolkiah who has a net worth more than that of Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar combined. Faiq Bolkiah is a young attacking winger from Brunei and is reported to be worth $20 Billion. He owes his wealth to his family, the Royal Family of Brunei. Faiq Bolkiah is one of the heirs to the massive wealth of the Sultan of Brunei. Currently, Prince Faiq Bolkiah plays in Ratchaburi FC. 

Get To Know Faiq Bolkiah 

Faiq Bolkiah is a prince of the Royal Family of Brunei and his father is Jefri Bolkiah who is brother to the Sultan of Brunei. Up until 1990, the Sultan of Brunei was the richest man in the world and was then replaced by Bill Gates. Unlike most of his family, Faiq Bolkiah decided to follow his passion for playing football and working hard to come up the ranks. Faiq Bolkiah's father Jefri Bolkiah had a reputation for spending money endlessly and is one of the major reasons why the Sultan's wealth took a hit. At one point Jefri Bolkiah owned 2,300 cars, including several Rolls-Royces, a fleet of Bentleys, and countless Ferraris. Faiq Bolkiah has decided to take the difficult route towards success but he will always have his massive family wealth behind him.