No-confidence motion debate: BJP's Rakesh Singh slams Congress for dynastic politics

"They say we have ignored people. Congress was even ashamed of speaking on toilets but it is our government that has given people dignity."

No-confidence motion debate: BJP's Rakesh Singh slams Congress for dynastic politics

New Delhi: Accusing Congress of having used politics to serve vested interests, BJP's Rakesh Singh opened his party's attack during Friday's no-confidence motion debate in Lok Sabha.

Speaking after TDP's Jayadev Gulla made a lengthy speech alleging that BJP had betrayed Andhra Pradesh on the issue of special category status, Rakesh Singh said that the instead of pointing at Congress for ignoring AP, the party was accusing a government committed to working for people. "It is not our aim to strangle other parties in our democracy. We want democracy to be strengthened. Congress, over decades, have shown that one family and keeping it in power has been its sole priority," he said. "TDP should question Congress for its past policies instead of showing us down."

Highlighting the current government's achievement, Rakesh Singh went on to say that he did not comprehend why a no-confidence motion was brought in the first place. "They say we have been ignoring people at large. Congress was even ashamed to speak about toilets but it is our government that has provided people with dignity. Do go see what all has been achieved in just the last four years. PM Modi and his government has relentlessly worked for people, especially the poor. There is a new enthusiasm among the poor, the youth. Our policies have shown that people who have waited for 70 years for amenities are now smiling because of them," he said.

Rakesh Singh concluded by saying that those who indulged in rampant corruption should not question the pro-people government of PM Modi.

Around the same time, Congress countered the charges made by claiming that the party had reduced poverty levels in the country. "UPA brought the number of poor people down to 26.93 Cr, which was 21.9% of the population in 2012, from 40.71 Cr in 2004 - One of the greatest achievements of the UPA & we are proud of it," read a tweet on the party's official Twitter account.