Shraddha Walkar Murder Case: '7 BIG questions' by Delhi Police to compel Aftab Amin Poonawalla to admit crime

To further deepen investigation in the Shraddha Walkar murder case, Delhi police took Aftab to Ambedkar hospital for the narco test that lasted for nearly 2 hours. From his relationship to new girl whom Aftab brought home after the gruesome murder to dating apps, the investigation agency was expected to put the accused through some serious questions.

Shraddha Walkar Murder Case: '7 BIG questions' by Delhi Police to compel Aftab Amin Poonawalla to admit crime

New Delhi: Delhi police on Thursday (December 1) took Shraddha Walkar Murder case accused Aftab Amin Poonawala to the Ambedkar hospital for the narco test. Aftab was put to the test which is also known as a truth serum to further deepen the investigation in the gruesome killing of Mumbai girl who was chopped off into 35 pieces after he allegedly strangled her to death.

Shraddha Walkar Murder Case: Aftab's Narco test

Aftab was put through narco-analysis or the truth serum for nearly 2 hours and various questions were asked to further investigate the matter. According to sources, the FSL team asked Aftab cut-to-cut questions, to which Aftab gave short answers. Aftab answered many questions in English and took some time to answer some questions. Although during the test Aftab remained silent on many questions however when the team repeated the question and asked him to answer, Aftab responded.

Though the official questions cannot be publicized however as the details of the gruesome murder have unraveled, Delhi police is expected to ask these questions to conclude the investigation

  1. The first and foremost question that the investigative agencies are likely to ask Aftab is the motive of the murder.
  2. Aftab was likely questioned about the murder weapons used and where he had thrown them after the dreadful deed.
  3. Questions about the disposal of pieces of body of the victim. Aftab may have been asked about when and where he disposed pieces of Shraddha Walkar's body.
  4.  If there was someone else involved in Shraddha Walkar's murder
  5. Delhi police may have asked about the dating apps Aftab was using.
  6. Investigative agencies would have demanded answers about Aftab's new friend whom he brought home after killing of Shraddha Walkar.
  7. Aftab was likely asked about the destroyed mobile data and pieces of evidence related to the Shraddha murder case.

Shraddha Walkar Murder Case: What is next for Aftab

As per the IANS report, if both polygraph and narco test lead to no conclusions then investigators probing the Shraddha Walkar murder case are likely to go for Aaftab Amin Poonawalla`s brain mapping.

"Polygraph test report of Aaftab will be submitted within two days and his narco test is expected to presented either on Thursday or Friday. After narco test, it is up to the investigators to demand brain mapping after they do not get answers expected by the accused," IANS quoted a Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) source.