There's nothing sexier than confidence, says 'Four More Shots Please' actress Maanvi Gagroo on dating

Interestingly, Maanvi Gagroo recently featured on Bumble's 'Dating These Days' show and discussed various taboos related to it.

There's nothing sexier than confidence, says 'Four More Shots Please' actress Maanvi Gagroo on dating

New Delhi: Talented actress and a popular OTT face, Maanvi Gagroo in an exclusive chat with Zee News Digital opened up on her dating experience and how it has changed over the years. Maanvi has worked in several shows and films. She made her debut with TV show Dhoom Machaao Dhoom back in 2007 but gained fame after starring in TVF Pitchers, TVF Tripling, Made in Heaven and Four More Shots Please!.

Interestingly, Maanvi Gagroo recently featured on Bumble's 'Dating These Days' show and discussed various taboos related to it.

Here's an excerpt of her interview with Zee New Digital:

Q1. How was your dating experience as a teenager, what important lessons did you learn in the dating space then?
A1. I just dated one guy in my teens, and the important lesson I learnt was to maintain equality. Like, when we went for movies, we both would be spending the amount. We split the bill on coffee etc. 

Q2. What is your take on dating in today's day and age? Advice for how women can make the first move?
A2. What ppl are looking for is a connection but the means they are occupying is not that rooted to the idea, there is a gap there. I think, today, dating follows its own rules and that's' how it should be. People in a relationship should be the ones deciding and making a rule for themselves as long as withing legal range and with absolute consent of involved. Ther are no rules.

It's okay to make the first move, and this is not just for women. If you see resistance from the other side, you should know how to back off immediately and not to push for things. This applies to all genders.

Q3. Dating these days touches upon some very interesting topics in the space of myths around being the one to take initiative - what has the experience been like for you?
A3. There has been a change in gender stereotype, breaking of stereotype and reassignment of gender roles. So, it's a great direction, in general, society is moving, and hence, the dating sphere also. There were always myths involved with gender roles which are breaking now. I think, there's nothing sexier than confidence. Just be wary of it not being arrogantly disguised over confidence. The empathy of the other person's feeling and state of mind. 

Q4. Did lockdown affect your work schedule? How did you manage?
A4. Of course,  it did affect like others. In retrospect, I managed pretty well. I live alone and managed everything on my own. Now, when I look back I dont know how I did it. It's been very empowering in many ways. 

Q5. Your future projects?
A5. There's one web show that will begin shoot next year. A film in the first quarter of 2021 is also lined-up. There is a release of a short film I did this recently so far. Looking like a hectic year, a good time to throw yourself in. We are all pretty fed up of 2020, we have all rested, the planet has rested. In general, we need time to heal and strengthen and rebuild. So, 2021 is going to be a good year workwise also. 

Q6. Your fav OTT show and character so far?
A6. I have consumed so much content during the lockdown. One great show and extremely underrated is I May Destroy You on Hotstar. It is a very relevant show especially as we are talking about dating in today's time and age. The primary theme of the show is consent and everybody who is dating and meeting different people should be watching this show and learnt. Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Fleabag  - both these characters are very good but there are many and it's difficult to narrow down to characters. I love Four More Shots Please! of course. 


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