How To Teach Your Kid To Deal With Anger? 5 Tips To Help Your Little One Process Difficult Emotions

It makes sense to try to shield kids from difficult feelings but it is only natural to teach them how to deal with such emotions and process them.  Experts share their expert tips for helping your child in handling their anger and other feelings.

  • Kids express these feelings and needs in a physical way by lashing out, biting or hiting
  • Young children also lack impulse control and find it hard to communicate due to no learning
  • As with all emotions, early teachings follow children through all the stages of development into adulthood

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How To Teach Your Kid To Deal With Anger? 5 Tips To Help Your Little One Process Difficult Emotions

Parenting advice for young kids: We all have a memory of the days we slammed doors or broke things just to show our parents that we are angry. While some parents did little to teach their kids how to process and deal with such heavy emotions, others worked hard to protect them and help them calm down.

Parents and caregivers frequently try their best to distract children or calm stressful situations. While this can offer temporary relief that is beneficial in moderate amounts, it must be managed by sitting down with those feelings. Remember that emotions exist for a reason, and that understanding life experiences requires the ability to feel all of them completely.

How do kids express anger?

Young children also lack the capacity of controlling their impulses, thus when irritated or angry, they react almost immediately to the event. They may lash out with aggressive behaviour like punching or biting because they find it difficult to express their needs, wants, or feelings.

Let's look into an expert opinion on how to teach your children to deal with anger and other heavy emotions:

1. Stop and feel

Teach your kids to stop in the very moment which makes them furious instead of looking for someone or something to blame. Kids learn only what they see even before they learn how to speak. So as parents illustrate the model of not blaming people around for your anger, kids will see and learn the same in effect.

2. Acceptance the emotion

When your child has an anger outburst, accept it and acknowledge it. Denying or making the situation funny by distracting them gives them and you a momentary pause but causes lifelong trauma. Teach your kids to accept their anger, that it's okay to feel so and there is no need for them to hide their anger.

3. Encourage kids to use colours

Teaching kids to indicate feelings in the context of colours can be creative means of handling difficult emotions. And while they use let's say 'red' for anger they can describe the emotion with regard to the colour and can also help their parents recognize that they are disturbed.

4. Slowing down

Slowing down and discussing why your child is angry or is beginning to throw a tantrum, give your kid the space to talk about it and let them know they can trust you. This way you are teaching your kids to be vulnerable and talk about it.

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5. Consider other person's feelings too

Make your kids understand the other person's point of view just as they would want themselves to be heard and understood. Teach your kids to shift focus from the physical environment, especially when in public and allow their emotions to calm down and deal with the situation at hand without humiliating the other person in front of everyone.

It's important to mention that aggressive behavioural action is not acceptable, even though you want to highlight that it's OK if your child feels furious. For instance, if your kid hits their sibling, you should tell them that being angry is acceptable but they cannot hit anyone. 

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(Disclaimer: This is based on general information and does not substitute for an expert's advice. Zee News does not cofirm this.)

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