Immune system

Breastfeeding could increase healthy bacteria in infants

Researchers have suggested that breastfeeding until at least nine months of age increases prevalence in the gastrointestinal tract of Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria, species which are known to contribute to development of a healthy immune system.

Mar 21, 2014, 17:46 PM IST

Former British No.1 Baltacha fighting liver cancer

Former British number one Elena Baltacha revealed on Friday that she is battling liver cancer.

Mar 08, 2014, 10:26 AM IST

Link between obesity and diabetes found

Researchers have now identified a critical link between obesity and diabetes.

Mar 07, 2014, 17:41 PM IST

HIV vaccine comes closer to reality

A research team has found how the immune system makes a powerful antibody that blocks HIV infection of cells by targeting a site on the virus called V1V2.

Mar 03, 2014, 10:18 AM IST

Learn how this enzyme protects you from infections

The mystery behind an essential weapon in the body`s fight against infection has now been unlocked - a discovery that can enable new strategies for fighting infectious agents and possibly prostate cancer and obesity.

Mar 01, 2014, 14:08 PM IST

Vitamin A boosts immune system to combat tuberculosis

Researchers investigating the role of nutrients in helping the immune system fight against major infections have found that vitamin A may play an important role combating drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB).

Feb 26, 2014, 10:14 AM IST

Soon, more efficient vaccines for meningitis and pneumonia

Researchers have discovered the presence of a novel subtype of innate lymphoid cells in human spleen essential for the production of antibodies.

Feb 24, 2014, 12:04 PM IST

How dengue virus enters cells found

Scientists have unveiled the mechanism behind how dengue enters cells of our immune system, a finding that could help develop vaccine for the deadly virus.

Feb 18, 2014, 14:27 PM IST

Blocking key molecule key to curb autoimmune disease: Study

Scientists have discovered a key molecule that holds promise for people who suffer from chronic inflammation as their immune systems overreact to `self` tissue.

Feb 11, 2014, 14:30 PM IST

Immune system `overdrive` in pregnant women linked to brain damage in male kids

A team of researchers has revealed that fetal mice- especially males- show signs of brain damage that lasts into their adulthood when they are exposed in the womb to a maternal immune system kicked into high gear by a serious infection or other malady.

Feb 07, 2014, 15:45 PM IST

Deceptive protein helping bacteria dodge immune system found

A clever protein that helps bacteria misdirect our immune system holds promise for new and effective antibacterial drugs.

Feb 07, 2014, 15:41 PM IST

Fruit flies bred in space reveal microgravity`s impact on astronauts

Fruit flies bred in space are now offering scientists a clue as to how astronauts` immune systems could get damaged during prolonged space travel.

Feb 03, 2014, 22:08 PM IST

Viral infections may soon be history

Scientists have identified a mechanism how some viruses protect themselves from the immune system`s efforts to stop infections.

Feb 02, 2014, 11:34 AM IST

Antibiotic smart bomb that only kills `bad` bacteria

Here comes an antibiotic `smart bomb` that can select specific strains of bacteria, damage their DNA and eliminate the infection.

Jan 31, 2014, 15:48 PM IST

Poor sleep speeds cancer growth

Poor-quality sleep marked by frequent awakenings can speed cancer growth and increase tumour aggressiveness, a new study has warned.

Jan 28, 2014, 18:52 PM IST

Protein discovery to aid HIV vaccine development

Scientists have determined the structure of a key part of the HIV envelope protein, an advance that brings an HIV vaccine closer to reality.

Jan 14, 2014, 18:09 PM IST

How body`s immune system fights off malaria

By using a strain of mice that mimics many of the features of the human immune system and can be infected with the most common human form of the malaria parasite, a team of scientists has identified a key host defense mechanism.

Jan 14, 2014, 11:49 AM IST

Wolfberries help protect against flu virus

A new study of older mice has found that Wolfberries show reduced risk for flu virus when combined with influenza vaccine.

Dec 12, 2013, 15:13 PM IST

Foods with Zinc can fight Diabetes Mellitus

Zinc is an essential mineral required by the body for maintaining a healthy immune system, building proteins, triggering enzymes, and creating DNA. Besides that zinc can aid in normalizing the negative effects of diabetes mellitus. According to a study, zinc has been shown to alleviate the harmful effects of diabetes by improving glycemic control in type I and type II diabetes.

Dec 09, 2013, 22:52 PM IST

New `promising` malaria vaccine developed

A novel new malaria vaccine has been developed by Oxford scientists and has shown promising results in the first clinical trial.

Dec 01, 2013, 19:16 PM IST