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Red wine can help astronauts stay strong on Mars trip

 Astronauts who wish to undertake the nine-month journey from Earth to Mars in the future would be better off sipping red wine during the trip.

Jul 18, 2019, 15:48 PM IST

Good food is good food, no matter where you eat it: Celebrity chef Sarah Todd (Foodie Trail-Gurugram)

Todd, who is well known in India after she was seen competing in MasterChef Australia Season 6, has incorporated Indian flavours in many of her dishes on The Wine Company`s menu that perfectly compliments a glass of wine.

Oct 17, 2018, 11:17 AM IST

Cubans use latex condoms to catch fish, ferment wine, fix punctures - Find out why

Ferment wine, fix punctures or tie up hair - latex condoms have become the ultimate multipurpose tool on the Communist-run island.

Sep 06, 2018, 21:53 PM IST

Here's how climate change could change the taste of your wine

The study suggests that wine producers now face a choice proactively experiment with new varieties or risk suffering the negative consequences of climate change. 

Jan 03, 2018, 16:55 PM IST

Bubble size may decide how good your wine is

The applications of this work could prove useful for aiding in the quality assurance testing of sparkling wines and other carbonated beverages, researchers said.

Jan 01, 2018, 18:55 PM IST

Lady Gaga to release new wine range

 Joanne Trattoria Vino Blanco and Joanne Trattoria Vino Rossa, named after the "Born This Way" hitmaker's late aunt

Dec 12, 2017, 11:36 AM IST

France shuts down halal store because it does not sell pork or wine

The store stocked exclusively halal products.

Dec 05, 2017, 17:25 PM IST

A glass of red wine every week may improve chances of pregnancy: Study

Researchers found that those who consumed more than five servings of red wine a month enjoyed a higher ovarian reserve – a measure of a woman’s reproductive health.

Oct 30, 2017, 10:28 AM IST

World's oldest Italian wine found

Researchers have found evidence of the world's oldest Italian wine in a large storage jar from the Copper Age which indicates that winemaking in the region began as early a fourth millennium BC.

Aug 25, 2017, 23:12 PM IST

This is why expensive wines taste better

The phenomenon that identical products are perceived differently due to differences in price is called the "marketing placebo effect."

Aug 15, 2017, 13:41 PM IST

A glass of wine can help unleash productivity

Scientists from Austria have found that a small glass of wine can prove helpful in unleashing creativity and boosting memory as well.

Aug 14, 2017, 16:48 PM IST

Corked bottles or screw capped? Oxford scientists set to find out which wine tastes better!

Taste, like other senses, is subjective and may vary from person to person.

Jul 30, 2017, 19:32 PM IST

New device may help make wine aromas perfect

Acetaldehyde is frequently found in a lot of places and foods, such as fruits, vegetables and human saliva. When present in high amounts in wine, it produces an unpleasant odour and affects the fermentation process.

Jul 13, 2017, 15:17 PM IST

'Bunch rot' fungal infection may improve aroma of wine: Scientists

Another study says that a different fungal infection known as powdery mildew can affect the taste and aroma of wine negatively.

May 31, 2017, 14:38 PM IST

Ladies, take note! Drinking a glass of wine, other alcohol daily may up breast cancer risk

The report also found that being overweight or obese increases the risk of post-menopausal breast cancer, the most common type of breast cancer.

May 23, 2017, 23:33 PM IST

Asthma and sulfites – What asthmatics should avoid to prevent an attack

Foods containing high sulphites include – pickled foods, dried fruits, some fruit juices – particularly bottled lemon juice and grape juices, canned seafood soups, wine, molasses, etc.

May 05, 2017, 09:25 AM IST

When Nature vents her wrath on grapes

But nowhere is the task bigger than in Argentina`s Mendoza region, where vintners duel "the whole gamut of natural hazards" -- not least frequent earthquakes, according to research unveiled on Wednesday.

Apr 27, 2017, 17:23 PM IST

Cheese can enhance taste of wine

The study used a new sensory evaluation method and found consuming cheese while drinking wine impacted the description and preference of different wines.

Oct 20, 2016, 17:13 PM IST

Red wine cancels out effects of bad diet

Wine lovers have a new reason to toast to good health with resveratrol, which occurs naturally in blueberries, raspberries, mulberries, grape skins and consequently in red wine.

May 14, 2016, 09:45 AM IST

Turns out, wine isn't as `hearty` as we believed

Countless news stories have reported on research tying moderate drinking to a range of health benefits, including a lower heart disease risk and a longer life, but the new analysis took a deeper look at those studies, 87 in all and found that many were flawed, with designs suggesting benefits where there were likely none.

Mar 23, 2016, 14:52 PM IST